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The Locked Door (short story)

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The Locked Door There was a door that I had never gone in. It stood out in the middle of a forest, a strange place for a door. It stood straight up and seemed to have no supports, it seemed magic almost that it could be there. When I first saw it there was a child going in. A little girl I think, not very old. Perhaps about 6 years old. I ran along and when I got there the door was shut. There was no lock on the door; therefore, I took it that it would have to be open. Grabbing the knob I twisted it and pulled. ...read more.


All evening I thought about it, I was sure that the lock hadn't been there before! Oh well! Going to bed I thought about it. It was in my dreams too. I was trying to get in, but suddenly there were chains on it. Then I heard a bolt slide in place and I could see it in the crack in the door. There were more chains, and more chains. Every time I tried to get in more padlocks, more chain and bolts would appear. The next day I ran to the field and looked at the door, phew, just the same as before. ...read more.


Finally, one day when coming home from a friend's house it struck me. The way I was heading would lead me straight to the back of the door. I had tried looking around the door but it was stone. Walking slowly and carefully I found behind the door a net of problems. From then on each day I would work carefully and slowly and find the source and key of the problems. They were very dainty and were breakable as hair. You had to treat them as carefully as if they were human. After months of working I finally had it down to one little knot. And for some reason I couldn't stand to undo that knot, I had done my job and it was finished. I never came back there, and I think it was all for the better. * * * ...read more.

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