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The longest day in my life

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´╗┐The Longest Day In MY Life I stumbled off the scabby old school bus with a slumped posture; an evil thought plagued my mind throughout the bus journey. I peered into my school bag with anticipation. Alas, my nightmare was confirmed, I had forgotten my coursework. I tried to scramble thought inside my mind ?I will pretend to be ill? ?I will say my pet died.? After a few moments of dire concentration I realised I had to face the music. ...read more.


The school bell rang far the first lesson thankfully my first lesson of the day on Monday was PE, My most cherished lesson, I sighed with relief, muttering to myself: yes P.E, that will surely take my mind off of Geography and coursework and my doom! I picked up my pace and raced to the changing rooms, I could not wait for a game of football with the lads. But to my severe disappointment the lesson was cancelled due to heavy rain. ...read more.


My doom came closer and closer, after a long lunch break. The bell for afternoon registration rang out. My limbs developed a slight shake as fifth lesson edged closer, and closer. The bell for fifth lesson sounded. The moment I dreaded finally came. I dragged myself to the Geography room, I opened the door and was struck by a paper ball. People were chanting ?Free Lesson? and I was gob-smacked amazement was not the word for it, could have started crying in joy. After a day of anguish and despair, my Geography teacher was ill. All that worry for nothing. I paused and pondered for a moment, reflecting back on the day, I giggled. ...read more.

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