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The Longest Short Days.

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7) Imagine that several years later after the events in the story have taken place, a stranger arrives at the ranch and wishes to hear the story from the viewpoint of Candy. Tell his story using his voice, not your own. Try to explain the atmosphere of the ranch. The Longest Short Days. "Tell you what, some things neva change...wit' guys like me, we ain't no good. I ain't much of nobody. All I ever do is sweep and dust on this helluva ranch. Got no place to go, you know what I mean? No hopes, nothin'. I once hadda chance to get outta this heckuva place. Yeah, these two guys...great men... They turn this ranch upside down. You know what I mean? So much happened while they was around, so much. And they was only around for 'bout three days! T'was a chance for me, back when I was a wee bit younger. Well, I ain't gettin' younger no more...and well...I ain't got nothin' left. 'Least back then, I hadda dream..." "You know, someplace ain't neva gonna change. Just like this ranch, I been here for 'bout as long as I remember, an' yet every morning, I go 'bout, an' everything looks much the same as it did before. The sun, it always seems to guzzle th' ranch in this sorta gold dust. ...read more.


I listened, 'cherries, apples, peaches, cots'' was thinkin' how heavenly, ' easily build a few hutches an' you could feed the rabbits alfalfa. When we kill a pig, we can smoke the bacon an' hams an' make sausage. Ever' Sunday, why we'd even kill a chicken or a rabbit' But what struck me most, was the end bit " It'd be our own place, and nobody could can us We'd be our own boss, we'd be livin' off the fatta the land, And when it rains, we'd say to hell wit' th' work....' I couldn't stand it no more, I sat straight' up and I asked' if I could go too. They was shocked, didn't know I was there. I begged and I pleaded, I tol' them how I los' my hand, how they were gonna can me any minit, I tol' them how much I had, I tried ta make' myself seem good. I tol' em I'd make a will an' give 'em everything I had. "Then, George said yes, oh that was sweet 'as 'heaven. It seemed almost gonna happen, like in'a month or so, we would get a stake t'gether, we could'ave done it! I was so happy; I never felt no luckier be'fore. T'was like god had heard my silent prayers, an' answered me. An' it really felt, really did, like...like I had been touched by an' angel itself. ...read more.


I think I think that I did, and I'm now a more bitter man, I ain't gettin' younger, but my heart seems t'ave aged a thousand years. I think George was thinkin' like me, never let your friend get shot, so do it yr'self. Cos killing them y'rself is better than getting' a stranger t'a, t'is true. I learn th' hard way." " Life ain't no different from b'fore, No, actually t'is. Lots slower, lots more hurtin'. I never dare no dreamin' like be'fore, jus' waitin' for th' day I die. Ain't got n'body t'a give my money t'a, can't go int'a cathouse cos I'm way too ol'. God damn my life, I s'pose t'was god's ploy. T'a create me, then play 'round wit' me an' make my life shit. Get bored 'of me, and leave my' aside t'a die. Well, I ain't lookin'for the gates of heaven no more, t'was over that long time be'fore." " The treshin' machine still's goin' on. Then, I can picture George and Lennie buckin' th' grain. Bathin' in gold dust, jus' like always. The light hits their faces, and y'ave t'a squint real hard t'a see them right. There's sweatin' all over, there's the drone of' th machine. Feckin' arseholes, Th'y smilin' at each other. T'is makes me sick. I wish...I wish I ain't never lain eyes on 'em. Wish I ain't there when they was talkin'. Wish I neva did hear, neva did trust. Oh boy...how hard I do wish..." ...read more.

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