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The Lord of the Flies: Critical Evaluation of Literature by Paula O'Brien

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The Lord of the Flies: Critical Evaluation of Literature by Paula O'Brien The novel "Lord of the Flies" was written by William Golding. This book was set in the Second World War, around 1939-1945, but was written in 1954.I would like to consider Ralph's role in the novel. Ralph is voted chief at the start of the book. Initially Jack claims Ralph is "not a proper chief" .The definition of a chief is that a chief is head of ruling a group. They are the highest in the hierarchy." The book is about boys being abandoned on an island when their plane crashes. As there are no parents or adults the boys have to fend for themselves. The theme of the book is evil taking over good, as opposed to the normal good defeating evil. During the story there are three deaths, all the deaths are of 'good' people. I think that the meaning of the book is that a savage lurks within us all, but for some it is nearer the surface than others. The boys get up to different things, they think there is a beast, but it is just shadows which evolve their imaginations. ...read more.


Piggy was very shy to start off with, but had many ideas, so when Ralph was appointed as the person in command Piggy could share his ideas with Ralph, and then Ralph would try to enforce them. Ralph was a good leader in many ways. For example he could take advice from people and does not always use his own ideas and initiative. When they find the conch Piggy says "We can use this to call the others," Piggy realises that when all the other boys hear the conch they will gather. Ralph is also interested in taking care of all the boys because he makes a speech about getting food, water, rescue and was also concerned about their hygiene. " 'Remember, rocks for a lavatory, keep the fire going... Take your food up there.' " Most of time when Ralph is speaking he hears a lot of other points being shouted at him, but he tries to not let them speak over him. " 'I haven't finished yet.' 'But you've talked and talked!' Jack sat down, grumbling." The last point I am going to make to propose the idea that Ralph is a good chief, is that when Ralph is being chased by the hunters, they ...read more.


There is clearly room for debate over whether Ralph is "a proper chief" '. I think that Ralph is worthy of being leader because I think he is very loyal to his 'community', mostly because when he was being chased by the hunters he was still thinking about his group, not about himself. I think, in comparison to Jack being leader, Ralph is a brilliant leader. I say this because after Jack had let the first pig away, all he wanted to do was hunt or kill a pig, whereas Ralph was always trying to think about other people. I think, in comparison to Piggy being leader, Ralph is still the better leader because if Piggy was to try to talk to the group about his ideas they wouldn't take him seriously because some of the group would be prejudice against him being fat. When Ralph did do bad things to the group he was always just getting caught up in a moment with all the peer group pressure because he was finding being a leader very demanding, as he is only twelve. I think Ralph is a very good leader and there is no one else who could do a better job on the island. ...read more.

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