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The Lost World - Use of language

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12/2/09 How does Conan Doyle use language to create atmosphere and mood in the description of the forest (Pg 93-98) compare this with how he describes the stream (Pg 100-101) Us evidence to support what you say, identify the language techniques and explain in detail how the language used creates atmosphere and what atmosphere is created. Arthur Conan Doyle uses a variety of different language techniques to effectively create atmosphere and mood in these two sections of the novel 'The Lost World'. This section of the novel comes immediately after they arrive in south America and make a start upon their 'remarkable expedition' and just before they ended their travels on water and continued on foot. ...read more.


Arthur Conan Doyle used this when he wrote ' We will kill you if we can' as a repetition. However, he did not only keep a fast adrenaline rush pace but also slowed things down to create a mysterious, lonely atmosphere. He did this by writing slow and hushed descriptions 'Hush fell upon our souls which comes upon us in the twilight of the abbey.' So in this section Arthur Conan Doyle has used many techniques that makes the atmosphere of that section clear. It also gives a image of the setting and the characters feelings which makes the piece more enjoyable. However, in section two Conan Doyle has drastically changed the atmosphere completely and this technique is called contrast. ...read more.


The two sections are very different and are written in ways that easily separate the writing styles. Section one describes a very grey gloomy atmosphere, whereas section two paints a picture of a tranquil, quiet and beautiful scene. I think Arthur Conan Doyle does this in his writing to make his story more complex to give the piece more depth and texture. This very descriptive style of writing draws the reader into the very pages of 'The Lost World' making it easy for the viewer to feel as if they are 'really there'. The more complex Doyle's descriptive writing the more the reader can build a picture or scene in their minds as if the book is playing out like a film. ...read more.

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