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The Lottery written by Shirley Jackson is about tradition of different towns that held a yearly lottery.

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It is horrible, ghastly and heinous. ?The Lottery? written by Shirley Jackson is about tradition of different towns that held a yearly lottery. Unfortunately, in this tale people tend not to win the lottery because unlike the usual lottery the winner of this lottery will be put to death. There are pros and cons of this lottery because many believe that having this traditional lottery serves a useful purpose in the community and many do not. The lottery they are doing each year serves useful purpose in the community. Many still believes on this in the story especially the Old Man Warner that says ?Pack of young fools.? those who quit the lotteries in their own towns. ...read more.


They are being more kind, understanding, approachable and nice. Thus, love and harmony in each family are always in there. The lottery has such a ferocious act but it helps the community in a practical way of minimizing the population and building a stronger relationship within the family. Some towns quit in the traditional lottery because they didn?t believe that it has benefits in the community. In the story the people take away the chance of Mrs. Hutchinson to be with her loving family, to see her children grow up and have their own children. It takes away life in an unfair manner that causes great mourn and grief to the family and friends of the unfortunate winner of the lottery. ...read more.


Thus, this traditional lottery does not help in building a better community instead it tears apart the families. Every place has their own traditions that many from other places may not comprehend. It may bring benefits to the community and it may not like the pros and cons of having a lottery in the town of Mrs. Hutchinson. Helping to minimize the population in a place that is over populated and having a stronger and harmonious family are some of the pros of the lottery. But, it has more cons than pros like the chance of the Mrs. Hutchinson to be with her family is taken away from her and the depression and loneliness her loved once will feel from her death. People have no right to take away a person?s life. Life is a gift that is given to human beings to cherish and not to destroy. ...read more.

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