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The lumber-room.

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The lumber-room. In this essay, I intend to compare the two stories and decide which one I prefer between, the darkness out there and The Lumber-room. The lumber-room is set in the Edwardian times, the main character is called Nicolas, and he is a young child, who is growing up and realising that every thing is not as it seemed, he sets out to seek attention by being mischievous and end's up proving his aunt wrong and using her own lie's against her. Nicolas puts a frog in his own bread and milk, probably to shock his aunty, but when his aunt insists constantly that there was no frog in his bread and milk to keep things calm and normal he knew there was being guilty of this act and try's to prove the aunty is wrong without admitting to the fact. Then he makes a fool and out wits his aunt in to thinking that he was trying to get in to the gooseberry garden, where he had been banned from visiting, because of the mornings earlier event's. ...read more.


He also showed her he is not as stupid as he may seem by telling her about the strawberry jam, but his aunt didn't know it was there. In short, this story is about a young boy who's trying to prove he's not too easily frightened he's imaginative and realises that adult's are not with out there own faults, no ones perfect and it's not only children who get mixed up. The darkness out there is a turning point story. In this story, there is a young girl about 13 - 15 years old. She starts of in the story looking at the world in a nice light and talking about fantasy creatures, also how nice her life will be when she grows up, gets a job has kids and a beautiful loving husband the usual 13 - 15 year old female dream. Then she meets Kerry Stevenson and decides from things other people have said that he is not a very nice person. Then she meets Mrs Rutter and decides she is a innocent sweet old lady, she is in fact not very nice and leaves a German pilot in the woods for two days to die a slow pain full death. ...read more.


I feel he can identify with the hunts man, as he has also hunted his aunty in his own childish way. I think this is an excellent piece of descriptive writing and describes a young Childs imagination very well, he looks at the tapestry and sees past the plane facts and even comes back to comment on it later saying that he thinks the wolves will eat the stag while the hunts man runs from the wolves. In addition the plot is nowhere as near sinister or riveting, as the darkness out there. This story uses lots of light, dark contrasts to show that things are either a bad or good memories, when she walks down by packer's end there's a shadow that falls on her and it gets colder, using metaphors to describe her feelings as a physical feeling rather than a emotional one. The darkness and light story left me feeling sad miserable proving grown ups to be fallible and weak, where as the lumbar room story made me feel alive, excited and amused wanting to read more of his antics. ...read more.

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