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The Magical Adventures Of Oggo the Fox

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GCSE COURSEWORK - ENGLISH SHORT STORY The Magical Adventures Of Oggo the Fox The sea crashed against the golden sands of the beach. The tall palm trees swayed gently in the refreshing breeze. The birds sang soothingly out of sight. The occasional rock jutting out of the flat beach. And there he lay, soaking up the sunshine. Oggo the puppet orangutan was resting after his long and draining journey. His orange furry legs crossed, all eight of them, and his wings propped up as wind blocks. Hey lay there, eye closed, trying to work out how his dream had suddenly become reality. It had all started a month ago. Oggo the fox was enjoying his retirement. Once the finest canine sailor of his time, he now sat alone at the back of a bar, in the heart of Liverpool's docklands. It was a place where many sailors, whether they were fox, badger, maybe even the occasional raccoon, came to drown their sorrows and tell of their latest adventure. The room was filled with the sound of laughter, yelling, tinkering glasses, and a fine mist of tobacco smoke floated in the air. ...read more.


There was a lot of shouting, and people walking around carrying barrels, ropes and various other pieces of equipment. They walked down Pier no. 1, an old rotting walkway leading them to their ship, the Hairy Mollusk, with its 10 flippers taken from only the finest Japanese killer whales, the rudder of the female Mediterranean dolphin, and the hull of the lesser sighted, lesser spotted, lesser potent giant Middle Eastern tortoise. It sat there swaying in all it's glory, the wind blowing through its sails as though they were belonging to a South American mallard. Coincidently, they did. Up in the crow's nest sat Cheryl the crow, keeping an eye out for pirates and other dangers. Biggs and Wedge the otter twins hurried about the decks making sure everything was ship-shape, and Simon, the sloth chef, was taking his time to select only the finest mice for his crew. He was so slow and tired all the time that he got the nickname the knackered chef. Oggo stepped onto the ship, and the crew cast it away. The sails puffed out, the hull slicing through the waves like a knife through butter, and the greatest quest of Oggo's life had begun. ...read more.


he shouted, and kicked the tree again in his anger. "WATCH OUT!" cried Oggo, as a coconut narrowly avoided Biggs' head. "Finally!" said Biggs. And he cracked it open on his knee. To everyone's amazement, a beautiful diamond fell out onto the shore. It glistened in the sunlight, letting out a strange glow. "Is this it?" said Oggo, looking intrigued. He picked up the stone with his right hand and had a close look at it. "I feel really strange for some reason, I've come over all funny!" he said. "Ach Cap'ain, that's because you've turned into an orangutan with eight legs, one eye and a huge pair of white wings!" exclaimed Sam. "But your dead!" said Biggs in astonishment. "No, I am a grunger. They don't have lives in the first place," replied Sam. "Am I really an orangutan with eight legs, one eye and huge pair of white wings? This was my dream; I've always wanted to be like this! Well, see ya later lads!" and he flew of into the sunset in search of his own desert island. As for the rest of the crew, you can use your imagination as to what happened to them. THE END!!! By Thomas Parr ...read more.

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