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The major differences between the two movies of Romeo and Juliet.

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The major differences between the two movies Romeo and Juliet who were made by Franco Zefferelli in 1968 and Baz Luhrmann in 1998, are that they were interpretative different ways because the historical and social context of the two films which may have influenced the two directors to portray their movies the way they did. . One interpretation was to make an authentic realistic movie trying keeps to the original era it was set in which was the medieval ages. The other interpretation was a very modern and tried to make a lot of money using its modern sound and visual special effects. When Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet he did not included a lot of stage directions in his script. This meant that the director of the movie had to interpret the movies the way they had pictured or thought it should be. Both of these directors had different ideas on how to illustrate this story to people in film form as they have approached it in different techniques and at different times meaning their audience intended was different and their culture and social and historical context would be different. In both the movies the directors try to portray their characters in different ways. They both had different ideas of how they should display the characters. ...read more.


Then Capulet gives tybalt a big smack in the mouth for his disobedience. Tybalt getting smacked was something that Luhrmann added and was not in Shakespeare's text and so he wanted to show that Capulet was a powerful figure by slapping tybalt. Romeo sees Juliet through the fish tank with very bright colored fished zooming around. We see Romeo looking at Juliet and Juliet looking at Romeo through their point of view. This prop the Luhrmann used is very important. He used the fish tank to shoe a barrier between them and the barrier is the family's hate. Luhrmann could of used anything like what Zefferelli used, which was a person, but he didn't, as he was inspired to use the fish tank because of his culture. Then we see them smiling and for the first time they are close together and there is no barrier when Romeo is superimposed on to Juliet's side of the fish tank. This is a more modern way to put Romeo and Juliet together unlike Zeffirelli who chose to make Romeo and Juliet dance together. As this is happening Luhrmann thought that he should put a song right when this happens and so this makes a more romantic mood and slows down the movie. He also dresses the singer in a bright pink outfit symbolizing the love at first sight when Romeo and Juliet see each other. ...read more.


At his point Romeo and Juliet are looking for each other through the crowd trying to find each other. Juliet then tries to get a better looks at where Romeo is when Rosalyn looks at her and so Juliet looks back and they both give each other dirty looks. This shows that Juliet is much different to Rosalyn. Romeo finds Juliet and hides behind a wall and recites a sonnet. This I a very traditional way to portray the sonnet and was used by Zefferelli to make it more realistic and to was inspired by his own culture and similar movies that he made. While Romeo and Juliet are reciting the sonnet Juliet is laid on a dark background to make her stand out. Also Zefferelli is using shots to show both faces. They kiss but then the nurse pulls her away and Romeo asks who Juliet is. The nurse replies that she is a Capulet and Romeo is heart broken. As Romeo is leaving Juliet also finds out that Romeo is a Montague and she is terribly upset and the music changes to show that she is sad. We then get a close up of Tybalt and we see that he is angry by his facial expression as he looks at the camera. Zefferelli adds this shot to give us some extra information about the story and this tells us that tybalt knows about Romeo and Juliet. By: Rishi Patel ...read more.

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