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The Man Behind the Cat: Dr. Seuss

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1. 2. The Man Behind the Cat As a young child, I often despised picking up a book, especially when I was faced with endless rows of black marks spread on a black white canvas, with drawings which failed to assist me in understanding the reading. I had great difficulty, and I was often times forced to read in order to level up to the rest of my class. One sunny day, when the clouds were away, however, my mother handed me a book which piqued my interest. The book was titled The Cat in the Hat. Immediately, I was perplexed by this strange title. ?What is a cat doing in a hat? Why was the cat standing up?? I questioned myself. The curiosity overwhelmed me and I couldn't contain it much longer. I had to discover the mystery of this strange cat. I flipped to the first page and then there was no turning back. My obsession had begun. The appellation, "Dr. Seuss," has become a name that often evokes fond memories of a cherished childhood. Entrenched in monotony of gray day when, "The sun did not shine./ It was too wet to play," I only had to look at the grinning face of Dr. ...read more.


The main website I utilized were websites revealing numerous other talents Dr. Seuss had, such as his political cartoons and his political messages. The periodical I used was an obituary from the Chicago Tribune emphasized the reactions of people at the death of a creative genius and the legacy he left behind. I came to learn that with such a story of success it is simply not enough to say, "He graduated from here. He wrote this,? but that I had to analyze the factors that motivated his overwhelming creativity. This was my main thesis and focus throughout my reading, and my annotations were based on the theories I developed based on the facts. As a child ?Ted? showed love for the abnormal and displayed his overactive imagination through his natural exaggeration of ordinary neighborhood events into momentous situations. In Springfield, the breeze carried optimism and a sense of overwhelming adversity. Ted, unfortunately, had to had to encounter adversity with the onset of World War I, exposing him to discrimination. As a result of embarrassment and isolation, he developed a need for privacy which consumed most of his life. ...read more.


I found it very amusing that Dr. Seuss would literally put on a ?Thinking Cap? before beginning his novels, for ideas. I was amazed by the fact that both The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham were both written because of a bet, yet they became his two most successful stories. For this multi-genre project I selected five genres which I found appropriate to my purpose of delving into the inner thoughts of this creative genius. I even developed my own distinctive rhymes, basing them of his rhyming patterns. Before each genre, I have provided an explanation of how it dealt with the overall purpose. For this project, I particularally found it difficult to create my visual representation due to my lack of creativity. However, I attempted to make the best of it. I really like creating the genres, because I had the opportunity to be creative in my writing. I loved how this project didn't limit us to certain essay topics, and research objects, but allowed us to selectively chose any genre we saw fit. Inspired by Dr. Seuss's quote, ?Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!?, I dedicated a lot of my time on the genres, so I hope they are fulfilling to the purpose. ...read more.

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