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The man in the back seat

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She was driving along the dark misty road, the road was spooky, mist rose up from the narrow cold road, the rain was pouring down and was making a very loud thundering noise, the thunder burst out of the fluffy grey clouds and lit up all of the surroundings. The surroundings beside the road were tall thin leafless trees and the road was covered in brown leaves. The fog lights were very weak in this sort of weather also the window wipers were too slow to keep off the fast rain. She wanted to wait until a sign saying where the nearest hotel was because she can't go on all night with weather like this. Something might happen to her. Time passed as she put on the radio and then in the distance she saw a yellow blurry sign, she sped up, the sign-post came it said "Petrol Station 2 miles" She could feel annoyance build up inside of her. ...read more.


While he was doing this he had a little glance in the back seat, he couldn't see if he was there because of the weather. It as too dark. Damien thought hard of a plan, which would possibly save her life, and then he had it. He took the pump out of the car at 20L's and $50, she handed him a credit card he went inside. Damien knew a way to get her out of the dangerous car and into the safety of his petrol station. He left the credit card on the side and went out to her car and said "t... th... there i.. is a problem with your credit card" then she said "eerrmm, ok I will be there in a sec" Damien walked back into the station and then the woman followed. She didn't look too happy. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x She ran through the rain with a black umbrella over her head then she reached the building so she shook the umbrella off and went inside. ...read more.


But as she accelerated off the man was trying to say something "sss... s... SOMEONES IN THE BACK SEAT" The car pulled out onto the main road, Damien was chasing it, he was waiting for something to happen, then the car suddenly screeched to a halt and then there was about 5 seconds silence and then the window shattered then a blood soaked hook appeared. The glass was glistening like diamonds, then blood soaked the glass particles, then suddenly a severed head dropped on the floor with a thud and rolled for about 2 metres and then it faced Damien. Blood gushed out of the head creating a red puddle the car skidded then crashed into a tree. Everything paused for a second then he could hear scratching inside the car, SOMETHING WAS MOVING!!! The killer's head appeared out of the smashed window. Damien watched in horror. The killer got out and walked towards him with a hook that he wiped on his sleeve to get rid of the last victims blood, then the killer started running... By Liam Handa ...read more.

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