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The Manipulator and The Brainwasher.

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The Manipulator and The Brainwasher. Fooling the mind, playing games with the mind, and mind control, what are all these? All of these are manipulative tools for brainwashing, which Abigail from the crucible, used to her advantage on the girls to take control of their minds. What is brainwashing first of all? Brainwashing is a tool or an action taken place used for capturing one's mind, thoughts, and conscience and using it against them. Like the manipulator Abigail, she played with the mind of Marry Warren in court to make Marry go against her conscience. Brainwashing started out way back then, but was used in 1921 in China where communism was big at that period of time (World Encyclopedia 2004 560). Brainwashing is most likely to be found and used by cults, schools, the military, and communism and captured soldiers that are put into prison that have been caught during and after wars. (Brainwashing & mind control techniques paragraph 1). The whole point behind the mind control (brainwashing) is to change one's brain that contains all their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs into nothing. What they believed in the past is all wrong and all the new things they learn now are the right things. It is basically that the victims have lost control of their own brain and accepted the information of the other human being's belief (Skeptical Dictionary Paragraph 1). ...read more.


She was force to lie that the girls never did with-craft in court because she felt that she was threatened by Abigail William, if she didn't listen to her. What techniques are being used in this mind-control game? The techniques used in this horrendous action can vary due to the state of the victim is in. The manipulator sees what is happening to you first after imprisonment so he or she tries to find a way that fits you best by your condition you are in. Being in imprisonment the manipulator, denies you food, sleep and medicine, you are brutally tortured until their last reserves of mental and physical strength has been sapped then you are now forced to agree with the propaganda of the manipulator (Scheflin and Opton, Jr. 23). Here are some techniques that can be use to take over your mind: ("Brainwashing mind control techniques" & An Article on Brainwashing 1) Fear 2) Isolation 3) Abuse 4) Verbal Abuse 5) Food and 6) threatening). There are much more techniques out there in the world that can be used rather than the six examples present. The different techniques are probably in use as we speak right now. Some where out there in the world they are trying to play games with someone's innocent mind so they would convert and follow the manipulator. ...read more.


This just shows us how deadly manipulators can be using this nasty device to play games with the human mind. The manipulators are willing to go to the extreme to get want they want and desire. Abigail William being a powerful and strong manipulator that she is, she got stronger throughout the play by absorbing the fears of the girls. Abigail single handedly took over the court into her own hands with that the lives of the innocence people fate. Abigail is a true master of the technique manipulating the minds (brainwashing) of people. But it shows that the manipulators plan and action can go against you. Abigail's plan blew up in her own face when John Proctor was arrested and later hanged. Like Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Opton, Jr. explains it in their book what to expect when you are being manipulated: We make the brain perfect before we blow it up. No one whom we bring to this place ever stands out against us. Everyone is washed clean. There is nothing left in them except sorrow for what they have done and love the manipulator. It is touching to see how they love the manipulator. They beg to be shot quickly so that they can die while their minds are still clean. (15) No matter how you interpret this word "brainwashing" or going around asking people what this means, it all comes down to bad, evil and disgusting. This word makes a difference in how you see the people and how the people see you. ...read more.

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