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The Marriage Proposals in Pride and Prejudice.

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Throughout Pride and prejudice, written by Jane Austen, both Collins and Darcy make proposals of marriage to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Second oldest daughter of the Bennet household. Collins makes one unsuccessful proposal, while Darcy makes two proposals, the second being accepted by Elizabeth. This second Proposal, compared to the earlier two, highlight the change his character has undergone during the novel. Darcy's first proposal is curt and self-centred. He tells Elizabeth that his feelings "cannot be repressed", showing his arrogance when dealing with women, and his ignorance in all matters of love. ...read more.


is repeated a second or even a third time" shows his total lack of experience in the art of love, despite his insincere, self-centered, and pompous proposal, it never occurred to Mr. Collins that he was in any danger of Elizabeth's rejection, simply because his position in life was more secure than hers. His pride never allowed him to consider it. Through these two proposals, Elizabeth experiences the two extremes of Austen's society, the incredibly wealth, and the working class. While Mr Collins lacks tact, conviction, and manners; Darcy, possesses all these things, as well as a strong sense of honour and obligation. ...read more.


His second proposal is true and heartfelt, and shows both Elizabeth and Darcy putting the Pride and prejudice aside. The many different parts of the society, in which Austen lived; all thought the same thing as Elizabeth's offer-ers. Nearly every member of English society believed that security and wealth were the main attractions in marriage proposals, rather than respect, affection, or character. Through her character Elizabeth Bennett, the proposals and attitudes of the men she receives them from. Jane Austen showed that, despite social norms and pressures of society (Represented in Mrs Bennets character) that this fact was false, and true love should guide the way ...read more.

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