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The Mastermind. We interrupt this programme as we have received some shocking news. Hollywood superstar Sierra has been found murdered

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´╗┐The Mastermind ?Good morning folks! You?re listening to Hollywood?s favorite radio channel ?Good Morning Hollywood.??? ?We interrupt this programme as we have received some shocking news. Hollywood superstar Sierra has been found murdered near her restaurant in Slater Street, Downtown. It was reported by a couple walking down the street. U.S.A.L.A.D. (United States of America Los Angeles Downtown) cops are investigating the matter. No one is suspected yet, but most people are accusing Sierra?s enemy co-star, Carla Sorrike to be the murderer?? ?Turn that off immediately, please. I can?t listen to it anymore. I can?t believe Sierra?s gone. She was there yesterday, and today, I can?t believe it. Inspector John Shelton, I want you to track down the murderer and torment him to such an extreme that he wouldn?t have wished he were alive.? ?Mr.Trokan, Pete, please calm down. I can understand your feeling but you have to cooperate with us. If you don?t respond to my questions, we may never be able to find that murderer. ...read more.


Why do you think I am an ?inspector??? ?What exactly do you have in mind sir?? ?Book the Grand Tutalla Hall for Saturday evening. Make it look like an elegant, formal party. Invite everyone we have interrogated today. I want to find out who seems the most fearful of me. They are the suspects. Set up cameras all around the hall. Include some in the washrooms too. You may begin immediately.? ?Wow sir! What an idea! I?ll get into it right away.? The next evening, the Grand Tutalla Hall looked sensational. ?Sir, who seems the most suspicious to you in your verdict?? ?Sam, the fun has just begun. Just wait and watch.? BAM! BAM! BAM! ?Sam! Give me more ammunition! You cover me I?ll get the shooter from the back!? ?Got it, sir!? John crept behind the tables and rolled across the floor. His black suit, shoes and hair merged with the ground, so he was hardly visible. He stood up and hid behind a pillar. ...read more.


We’ve also got legal permission to arrest you. There’s no going back now. But, why did you do it?” Pete hung his head down in shame. “I wanted to murder Sierra so I would get all her money and then I would run away and marry Carla Sorrike. We planned everything at Strailey’s Café. But, I guess it’s all impossible now. What are you going to do with all the money?” “Sierra signed a document saying that if she dies, all her money should go to charity. So even if you were never involved, you wouldn’t get a penny. Everything you did was such a big waste Pete. Guards, take him in. Put him into holding three.” “This isn’t over yet John, it isn’t over yet!” “Yell as much as you can, it isn’t going to help.” Two weeks later, at California International Airport, a couple was hastening to catch their flight. “Hurry up! We might miss the flight!” “Give me a minute!” “You should have seen the way you faked your death. It was splendid.” “Why do you think I am an actor?” “Poor Pete, no one knew I hired him. Sierra, hurry up!” “Coming John, let’s go…..” ...read more.

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