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The Matrix/Terminator

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Media Course Work: Terminator meets the Matrix The Terminator was filmed in 1984 and released in the U.K. on the 11th January 1985. It was directed by James Cameron, who also co-wrote it with Gale Anne Hurrd. The film is a science fiction (sci-fi) action film. The leading actors and actresses of the Terminator are: Arnold Schwarzenegger the eponymous Terminator, Linda Hamilton who played Sarah Connor and Michael Beihn, Kyle Reese. Arnold Schwarzenegger an Austrian born, former Mr Universe, had made a few previous films, his breakthrough film being Conan the Barbarian in 1982. The Terminator is Schwarzenegger's best known role and propelled him into superstardom. The Terminator films were also high points in the careers of Hamilton and Beihn. The Terminator is a classic sci-fi action film, with a central mission, namely to save the human race, which is part of a wider struggle between men and machines. It uses an often used scenario of time travel to introduce amazing technology and effects into modern day, and some neat twists. The mission itself is one such twist going back in time to kill the mother of the man who will lead the resistance against the machines, before he is even born. In an even greater twist the man, Kyle Reese, sent back to protect her from the Terminator becomes the father, creating a strange mobius loop. ...read more.


In The Terminator the dress codes are more stereotypical; the women wear pink and the men wear black, but in the Matrix, Trinity, a woman, also wears black which demonstrates equality with the men. This indicates that this film is post feminist. The roles in The Terminator are gender specific; the women are saved and men are their saviours, but in The Matrix both the men and the women play an equal part with Trinity saving Neo more than once. At the very beginning of The Matrix there are green symbols scrolling down a screen. There is a clicking sound as the numbers scroll down this makes the audience think there is some kind of machine that the numbers are on. It also shows that it is something from the future or something alien because there has never been anything like it. There is dramatic music in the background this is non-diegetic and makes the audience think all these systems are important. The foot steps of the police is the second thing you hear this is diegetic sound. You also see that the police are sneaking up the stairs of the hotel keeping low and alert. There is still background music in a high minor key which is non-diegetic this raises the audience tension and expectation that something dramatic is about to happen and the way they are creeping around with guns ready makes the audience think they are after a serious criminal. ...read more.


She is a waitress and is serving other people possibly stereotypical of women menial and low paid jobs. In the film the heroes and the villains are men and the women are there to be saved by men a classic view that goes back to fairytales. This indicates a society still dominated by traditional gender roles, men have the good jobs and are the heroes, with women in supporting roles and expecting to be protected and saved by men. The Matrix was filmed in 1999 and is a post feminist film. The gender roles have become blurred and men and women are more clearly equal. This is shown by Trinity wearing black leather, trousers, and dark glasses. She is a figure of power and menace. Trinity is more than a match for the policeman and any other man. Trinity also has short hair which is not stereotypical for women as they are 'supposed' to have long hair. In the film both men and women are the heroes and villains there is no question that women are just as capable as men and that they don't need to wait to rescued by men as 'damsels in distress'. The director is showing the audience that women are equal to men, it isn't just men who are heroes; women can be too and sometimes men need women to save them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jack Robson Page 1 of 4 14/04/2008 ...read more.

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