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The Meaning Of An Inspector Calls - J.B. Priestly

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The Meaning Of An Inspector Calls By Sam Wheeler J.B.Priestley's "An Inspector Calls" is a good play that attacks the social problems of its time; it contains all the ingredients of a well-made play. This is because it is very dramatic, and it has the attention of the audience. It gets this by the use of climaxes, the slow plot of a detective with persevering style. Despite this the author is concerned with the darker side of the world. The play is Priestley's attempt to try to say this. Priestley sees the country as not very truthful and neglecting its responsibilities. The members of the Birling family are only concerned with them selves over others. ...read more.


He keeps the audience guessing all the way through the play, and as clues are solved the culprit becomes clearer, but as soon as one thinks he or she knows who it is Priestley cleverly switches to another character. This makes the audience very interested in the action that is happening. The strange appearance of the Inspector when the Birlings are having a celebration party, and Mr Birling is giving a speech on how the modern man should be. The Inspector steps in almost as he was prepared to challenge Mr Birling; this seems to bring up facts about the inspector's life and who he is, as the local police have never heard of him. ...read more.


They are set so far away from the community that they did not even realise that Eva Smith had died, let alone how they helped to kill her. They find this out only when the Inspector brings it to their attention. Even though "An Inspector Calls" is a very well made play Priestley really tries to get across the importance for care of your neighbour. I feel that Priestley was a very social person in his time, unlike most of the people, who were only, interested in them self. Priestley believed that everyone should share their wealth or at least help the less fortunate. He thought that the people were being extremely selfish and foolish too. He felt that the day would come when people would be "taught the lesson through blood and anguish." I feel he was right but there is still some teaching to be done. ...read more.

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