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The meaning of being cool.

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The meaning of being cool "Mamma" shouted Johny from across the field, "Hurry, I think that I have got hurt." A thin, middle-aged lady dressed in white, frilly clothes rushed to the spot where her six-year-old son lay, in the middle of the garden. She gingerly examined his grazed knee. The little boy screamed louder. "There, there Johny," she said, "Try to be a brave boy. It's only a little cut. Come try to get up and I will bandage your knee. Come along, hurry up," and saying this she put her hand forward. The little boy clutched her hand tightly and was slowly lead inside the house. However his courage ran out the moment he reached his bed and he cried without restraint. "Johny, stop crying," pleaded his mother. "Martha, get me the first aid kit quickly. Your little brother is hurt. Hurry along." A pretty, teenaged girl appeared in the doorway. "What is the matter mother? Why is he shouting his head off? What has happened?" she asked, her voice laced with sarcasm. "Martha, didn't you hear? Your brother is hurt. He fell down while playing. Now could you please fetch me my kit without asking any further questions." ...read more.


But she stopped in her resolution midway. It would do no good she thought. Johny would not be satisfied with a mere two words. He would definitely demand further explanation. Well if he did, then she would give it to him. The corners of her mouth tugged into a smile as an idea rooted itself in her brain. The next morning, Martha dressed herself hurriedly for school. Johny lay in bed still with a sour expression on his face. He believed himself to be too sick to go to school but his mother would not listen to his excuses. Martha looked at his face for a moment to detect any signs of derision, but she soon realized that Johny at any rate had forgotten all about their 'cool' argument. But she still had to prove her point. Martha hurried to school that day in a way she had not done for a long time. The first person she encountered at school was her friend Pam. Her question replaced her greeting-" Do you know the exact meaning of cool Pam?" Martha gasped. Pam looked surprised but nevertheless she forced herself to think. After some minutes of quiet introspection she replied-"It is an adjective used to describe a person who is good-looking, popular.... ...read more.


She looked Brenda in the eye. "Well Brenda, the fact that Warren may be 'uncool' to people like you doesn't change him one bit. He was, is and always will be a wonderful person...too wonderful perhaps for 'cool' people like you to realize his worth." Brenda couldn't believe her ears. She stood dumbfounded and silently watched the retreating figure of the other girl. When Martha got back home, she was sad and despondent. Unshed tears still lingered in her eyes. She just had to talk to someone right then and there. She ran to the garden to find her mother and found her sitting in the usual position. She hugged her hard and slowly but surely told her everything. At last she raised her head a little to meet her mother's eye. She saw her smile. "Mother why do you smile so?" she asked puzzled. "Because I am glad at what happened today," was the earnest reply. "You learnt a lot today Martha. You learnt what most people are not fortunate enough to learn at your age. You learnt to value human beings for what they really are worth and not for what they appear to be worth. Do you understand me darling?" "Yes mother," replied Martha, the cloud of confusion finally clearing away from her features. "Then dear, I think that you are a very cool person yourself." Martha smiled happily. ...read more.

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