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The media techniques used in the making of The Crucible and what they connote as well as why they are used.

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GCSE English - Media Essay - The Crucible by Nicolas Hytner This essay will focus on the media techniques used in the making of The Crucible and what they connote as well as why they are used. I have chosen to focus on two scenes from the film, the first being when Tituba gets whipped by Parris and the second being when Elizabeth Proctor lies in the court in order to save her husband. I will start with the whipping first of all. This scene really shows us how badly slaves were treated and this is never really got across very well in the BBC dramatisation. It shows how cruel and heartless some of the characters can be and also shows us the girls expressions in order to show us that they do feel some guilt for what they have done and aren't as cruel as they are shown to be. The scene starts in the courtroom and the camera tracks along the line of girls and is a medium long shot. They are sitting on a long wooden bench which, I guess, would be extremely uncomfortable; like the current situation in the courtroom. I'm sure that every girl sitting in that court room would be quite uncomfortable. Maybe the wooden bench connotes this. ...read more.


The close shots used in this scene gives us a clear insight into what the characters are feeling and give us a hint at what they could be thinking. Just before this we are shown a medium shot of Abigail and she tells Hale what Tituba supposedly does to her. As well as Abigail talking rather quickly and as if under pressure she is always shown in a medium shot whilst the camera continually tracks towards her as she steps backwards. This clever piece of directing makes us see that Abigail is saying all of this out of the pressure on her and she feels cornered. By making the camera track her, the director builds up this feeling of pressure and being cornered, as eventually she steps back into a wooden fence and the camera gets closer to her. This could suggest that she feels that she has nowhere to go or no escape and this could be a reason for her continuing the absurd lie. There could be another meaning behind this though. The fence could represent a visible barrier of Abigail's feelings. As it is only wooden, it can easily be crossed or knocked down. This could show us that Abigail can stop all of this nonsense by breaking through her own mental barrier (overcoming the pressure). ...read more.


Another clever technique used by the director is a beam of light appearing behind Elizabeth whilst she speaks, which connotes a likeness to an angel or good person. This tells the audience that by lying for her husband she feels she is doing the right thing and lies with good intentions. Despite the shots changing though straight cuts they don't always change as the speech does, which we generally expect. Overall, I feel that the film was well directed. Each camera technique had a reason and prompted a reaction from the viewer, mentally, if not physically. I think they work because each technique has a connotation into which we read like a book. They give us information without having to physically state what is happening through words, or by acting. We can also be given hidden meanings through the connotations of each technique and these will give us extra information or simply aid your understanding of the film. I think that this film does do what it sets out to: It definitely creates the historic setting very well, it attempts to portray the language they would have spoken through the characters' speech, there is some violence implemented to capture some of the male audience, and there is also a romantic and emotional side which most women love. I feel that after viewing the film it contains different storylines which would attract the director's target audience. Michael Day 10 Gordon ...read more.

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