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The Meeting, Creative Writing

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The Meeting Her pale skin contrasted with her ebony hair. Languorously she took another turn around the spacious room alone, moonlight was seeping through the stained windows and reflecting on her content face as a small smirk played on her crimson lips. She was contemplating on heading to her chamber before she was interrupted by someone gently rapping at the door. She paused for a few moments, expecting the visitor to enter the room. Alas, she was wrong, silence drifted throughout the room but was soon cut short by her voice. The word 'enter' had slipped from her scarlet lips before she could say anymore. She stood poised and elegant near the window sill, close enough for her to lay her slender hand on. Though this serene exterior was merely a mask as underneath the composed woman she shivered with the thought of who would come calling at this unearthly hour. Her mind toyed with who it might be, her chestnut eyes gazed at the door, her stare was soon averted to the brass door handle which now was turning. ...read more.


She sat with her palms in the lap, she tried not to fiddle with her fingers nor her cuticles whilst Mr. Archibald sat himself on an arm chair nearly opposite herself. She carried on looking at her palms, not daring to glance once in Mr. Archibald's direction. Neither spoke for the first few minutes, both eager to say something but neither acting upon their thoughts. The tension grew more intense as the minutes flew by. "Miss. Evelyn, I fear I have to draw a end to my stay at Broadworth house, my sisters death has lead to, certain complications." Any sign of happiness that could have been on her face vanished, in it's etched in its place were frown lines. She sighed heavily, this was not the news that she had hoped to here, the fact that Archibald was leaving so soon. Her composure had changed drastically in the few minutes that he had been here. "I understand Mr. Archibald; it was a confusion why the lord had picked one so young." A forced sympathetic smile was now on her face after she had processed the delicate information that had been given her so quickly. ...read more.


Archibald turned around and paced towards her trembling body. "But please Miss. Evelyn, let me do just one thing before I leave." She could only nod in reply; her mouth just wouldn't open as speech wasn't needed as he tilted his head towards her. She shut her ashen eyelids; waiting for the feel of his lips against hers instead she felt his fingers trace her neckline, making her body quiver once again. His eyes were no longer the colour of a smooth caramel; they were the colour of a blazing fire, and his pearly white teeth bared fangs which she sworn hadn't been there moments ago. Evelyn opened her garnet lips to let out a shriek but she was cut off as he sunk his teeth into her white skin, blood seeped out of the bite he had made in her unblemished skin. When his appetite was fulfilled he let go of her limp body and let her hit the floor with force. A mirthless smile crept onto his face; he slipped out of the door, leaving no sign of his existence there. All that was left was her body in a sea of blood. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Morris ...read more.

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