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the merchant of venice

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The Merchant of Venice Assignment b Q. Do you sympathise with shylock? Consider the presentation of his character and the way he is treated by Venetian society. I think shylock is a very shrewd, crafty business man. At the start he says "Well", Three times. This tells me he's thinking very carefully about what to say as he doesn't jump in right away to give an answer. The relationship between shylock and Antonio is total hatred. They despite each other and when Antonio asks to borrow three thousand ducats from shylock, shylock hesitates but eventually says yes. Shylock sees this as revenge, if only he can get Antonio to sign a contract signing away his life and then his revenge will be complete. ...read more.


Both salerio and solanio are delighted at the fact that shylocks daughter Jessica has run away with all of his money and the jewels. To make matters worse she ran away with a Christian. At this point the audience do sympathise with shylock because he is really upset and it's quite cruel as salerio and solanio are getting pleasure from teasing him. In the speech, "Hath not a Jew eyes" shylock asks a lot of rhetorical questions, this tells me he is very angry especially as he doesn't take a breath. In the speech he says "If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? ...read more.


In the court room he is not at all nervous as he continually tries to answer Bassanio as arrogantly as possible when Bassanio says "Do all men kill the thing they do not love?" Shylock answers "hates any man he thinks he would not kill." Shylock refuses when Bassanio offers him twice his money he says "I would not draw them: I have my bond!" By saying this we know that Shylock really wants to get revenge on Antonio, if not by hurting him then by killing him. Shylock has his knife ready and scales to weigh the flesh. When Shylock refuses to have a surgeon attend to help stop the bleeding the audience looses all sympathy for him and I enjoy the fact that Shylock has to give all his money and jewels to his daughter and her Christian lover and become a Christian. Jane Eastwood 12A2 ...read more.

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