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The Mermaid's tail's tale

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It's the year 2000 everything is up to date, this twisted tale starts with a very gifted young male called Ryu Holmes who has been brought up to be one of the most excellent detective, maybe the best since Sherlock Holmes. In this very clever and very cunning story Ryu has a lot on his mind. While tension and suspense goes around everywhere he set off he has to solve who can cause all this chaos. Even though he has trouble unravelling the untameable quest he's got a friend "Mo" to help the mystery even though he's just in the way. Shall we proceed? While Ryu was walking back from the last day of Cambridge College until summer holiday, a sudden shout arrived to his ears. "Ryu~ wait for me!" "What the!!!!" he said in a surprised manner as he turned around. "Hey....it's.....me" Mo said breathlessly. They walked home together as they always do, talking about girl's ass. As the next morning came Ryu's doorbell rung. Ryu opened his eyes with an effort as he just woke up. "Who's ringing my door at...." he reaches for the alarm clock and looks at the time, "Four in the fucking morning!!!" he gets up and walks towards the half blurry door while yawning and scratching the back of his bushy head "(there was a loud thump)Agh"! He shouted because he hit his little toe on his cupboard "Why me god why....." he thought to him self. As he opened the door, no one was there he looks both left and right..... No one was there. He looks down and sees a brown and mysterious parcel; he looks around the corridors one more time..... No one was there, so he dragged the very heavy parcel into his room, as he just woke up and had no strength. He got a pair of scissors and cut the string that was wrapped around the brown-papered parcel. ...read more.


(The man looked up)Yea you with the blue cap catch the guy in the brown coat, he might be a murderer" the man in the brown coat started to run "And don't worry we got the weapon." As Ryu ran down the stairs he went after the guy in the brown coat. When they eventually caught him they handcuffed him and took him inside, including the man with the blue cap. They all sat down in the sitting room. "Tick tock.....tick tock" The room was so quiet you could here the grandfather clock. "(Ryu took a deep breath) Ok sir what is your name?" Ryu approached the man in the brown coat first. "It's Alley, Alley McGregor" the man said as if he didn't know why he got caught. "How about you, Mr....?" Ryu asked the thief looking guy in the blue cap. "It's Bobby, just Bobby. I'm an orphan; the name was given to me by the orphanage." "Hold on, hold on, first of all how did you know it wasn't a suicide?" Mo asked. "Ok, I'll tell you, Mo put your hands in a position if you were going to kill yourself" Mo was a little puzzled but he knew Ryu was up to something, so he put his two hands together and touched his stomach with his thumbs away from his stomach. "Now make the action if you were going to pull the knife out", so he did, he got one hand and made the action with him pulling it with his thumb touching his stomach. Remember that action, now all of you come with me upstairs and check the knife" They all went upstairs and went inside the toilet. "!!!" They all were surprised. "The, the knife, he's holding it the wrong way" Mo was surprised. Everybody knew what he was talking about. Ryu explained "Normally if you stab yourself and then pull the knife back out the knife will be pointing forward, however if you was being killed and ...read more.


"Okay! Okay! I admit I'm a man, but how did I kill Mr Collins, lock the door and then go back out? Huh?" Sally asked. "hm hm hm (Ryu smiled)" "What's so funny!" Sally shouted. "Easy I saw the long hair looking thread stuck on the window. That helped me figure it out; you just crawled out the window and came in from the next room, if I'm right the window next to this room should be open." They all went to the other room. "!!!" It was open. "Shit, shit shit shit" Sally said. "Simon Morris, You're very clever, but not clever enough." Ryu told him. "What was the purpose?" Bobby asked. "Because.....Because I saw all of you spreading the rumours about the tale of the mermaid to the newspaper companies like idiots! My family worked so hard on making a very popular island. Thanks to all you fucks McElroy is nothing." Simon told. Ryu called his helper to bring in the police to arrest Simon. "Simon Morris you are now arrested for committing two murders and attempting a murder, anything you say or do may be held against you in court do you understand?" The police said to Simon. "............Yes" Simon replied. Ryu quickly took one of the police cars to the hospital, he went to Mo's room. There Mo was sleeping. "You okay Mo?" Ryu asked Mo with a very worried face. Mo's eye's twitched, and then eventually opened. "Of course I'm okay you fuck" Mo Whispered and laughed a bit. Ryu Laughed with relief. "When are you going to be 100%?" Ryu asked Mo. "Soon I hope" Mo begged. "Good because there's this match I want you to watch with me, I got the tickets, its Manchester united against Barcelona, Champions league" Ryu said. "Yes! Please please please god!" And so they went on all night. But who sent the parcel.....................Who? ...read more.

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