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the midnight betrayal

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The Midnight Betrayal "I'm looking for my brother," whispered George. "You're lucky you came in time, because he's going to get moved to the Berlin camp facility next week!" Fernando whispered back. Both men were sitting in a dark cell. Rusty metal bars were along one side and three dull walls along the other sides. The only sign of freedom was the wind that crept in slowly through the window. The tiny window to the left had railings on it, but these looked newer. Half of George's face was covered in shadows, and the only feature of his face that was visible were his eyes. His eyes were small and stretched on the edges. You could tell just by his eyes that he was a smart and cunning man. Fernando was tall and of medium build like George. However, Fernando looked more handsome, and more of a gentlemen than George. Suddenly, Fernando's complexion loosened and a big smile crept onto his face. His face lit up like a burning stove. "George Taylor?" Fernando said in a light voice as if he was intoxicated. "Yes... why?" George replied, with a look of curiosity on his face. "George it's me... Fernando Anrio!" he burst out in delight. Georges face lit up as well and they both embraced whilst the strong chill of the wind crept up their necks. ...read more.


Then he looked out of the window at the stars and made a silent promise to all the people he loved. That he would escape, be free and come to them soon. George stopped after a few seconds and turned round. "Come on Fernando!" he shouted. "I know how you feel, my brothers being held as well... Trust me it's going to be ok," Fernando was still staring out of the window. The gentle shuddering of the bombs was rising now. "Trust me Fernando!" George Shouted this time in a slightly more raised voice, and then George winked as if he was implementing the words deep into Fernando heart. Fernando although now stared blankly at George. "I know this is hard for you!" George added. "Huh... what? Oh yeah let's go George," Fernando said in a voice that was lacking enthusiasm. The two men were crawling as fast as they could along the vents. The noise from the bombs seemed to be echoing more loudly. It was as if the noise was a constant reminder of a lurking disaster. As they made their way along the vent, this noise seemed to be taking the toll on both of them. Fernando could not bare this any longer and he started shaking violently. ...read more.


Even the walls seemed alive now and mocking George: Mocking him for his plan that was never destined to become reality. Michael grabbed George's arm and started pulling him away, but George seemed reluctant to go. He was transfixed. Almost glued to the ground. George was feeling empty, shocked, and disappointed at what his arrogance had led him to. He was the person who had made the wrong move not the Germans. He had destroyed everything loyal to him. The moon lifted its rays off the shed, off of the brothers. It was as if the moon pitied George. This was their chance: they were in complete darkness and invisible to the Germans. The bullets started to fly by them, and the horrible shouts of the Germans sent shivers down the spines of the brothers. They helped each other over the fence, to freedom. Although George did not feel proud of the last few hours, he felt strangely empty and a feeling of disappointment at himself. The Germans jumped over the fence and were gaining ground fast. He ran like their was no tomorrow with his brother, away from the Germans, the camp... his friend. Carrying defeat and shame on the shoulders that should have been proud... of the great escape. He felt he had betrayed his friend. ?? ?? ?? ?? Azeem Shaukat Page 1 13/04/2008 English Creative Story Coursework The Midnight Betrayal - Azeem Shaukat 11N ...read more.

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