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The Milgram Experiment.

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The Milgram Experiment Stanley Milgram, an American social psychologist, carried out an experiment in the United States in 1961, asking the question: "How far will a human being go if an anonymous authority orders him to torture or even to kill a fellow human?" I was approached in the street for no particular reason and I became one of those unlucky few who became part of the experiment. I had nothing in particular planned for the day just the usual browsing around the shops and maybe buy a few t-shirts. I had just walked out of a shop when a good-looking young woman caught me of guard. She asked me to participate in an experiment, which was being conducted at Yale University. Usually I would say no without listening to their proposal but seeing as this young lady was quite attractive I stayed around hoping for a date with her. ...read more.


He explained to me that each question that the pupil got wrong I was to administer a shock, the more questions answered wrong the greater the shock gets. I asked me to sit in the chair and experience a shock of 45 volts, I agreed and sat in the chair waiting for the shock. It didn't hurt but it was an extremely uncomfortably feeling. The professor led me into a small room next door to the room I had previously been in. This room had thirty levers scattered all around the room, all with different labels on ranging from "Slight shock" to "Danger-serve shock". I now began to start trembling with fear, I never asked to hurt anyone, and I looked towards the door as a quick exit. But Professor Milgram was leaning against it with his crossed as tightly as the door was closed. Once I had loosened by tie and collar I began to ask the questions, which the pupil had to answer with a series of buttons that one of his hands were able to reach. ...read more.


I ran out of the room and tried to get into the big steel door, which the pupil was sitting, dead? It was no use the steel door was not going to open without a key, I turned and ran to the person who I knew would have the key, Professor Milgram. I ran to the place where I had knocked him down but he wasn't to be seen, I went inside the control room but that was empty too. At that moment I heard voices coming down the corridor I casually walked out the room, so I wouldn't alarm anyone. I kept my head down in case any saw me, but I glanced up only to see professor Milgram standing with the pupil, alive and well. After they had calmed me down, they explained what they experiment was really for and why they had conducted it. I understood why they did it, but that still didn't calm me down I was furious I actually thought I had killed someone. But when I think back to that day, I can blame no one else but myself. Darren Coombs 10B 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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