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The Mind of a 9th Grader

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The mind of a 9th Grader The mind of a ninth grader is a very intricate and delicate place. This is the year where you know what you are going to make of your life, whether it is a CEO of a company or political leader of your country. However, before you can get to be a leader of your country, you must know the complexity of the English Language. At the start of the year, I was very laid back, as I was not very keen to study English. This is because I always saw myself perusing the mathematical and scientific route of life. However, with the help of my parents and teacher, and a strong will to succeed, I pushed myself to developing sound skills in all parts of the language, which would benefit me in the future. In my portfolio, I have selected six pieces that represent me and my efforts inputted into the language. The first piece entitled 'POP COLA' is a review on a painting seen in the IB art exhibition. I chose this piece, because it was the last piece of writing that we did during the course of the year, and the final result shows my all round success throughout the year. ...read more.


It started of with a very vague plan, which was more like a template. This made my writing the essay much tougher. However, I redid my plan, making it clear to me and the person reading the essay, what my intentions were. This essay also had to be handwritten, which put me off. Once I wrote a sentence, I wanted to change it, and that would be very untidy, rather than just backspacing on the computer. However, I learnt from my mistakes, and worked out how to properly use the 4'C's and I now know the true meaning of 'learning from your mistakes. This is why I wish I could redo this piece. The piece that has taught me the most about writing is my original short story, Megan. This is because I had every available option open to create a story, however, choosing the right option was crucial. My story Megan is about how a boy creates an image on the computer, and falls in love with it. Then one day the image comes to life, and how the boy is distraught because she has left him forever, or so he thinks. ...read more.


However, doing actions and accents, rather than just standing there and reading like a robot is very different. It attracts the audience and also makes them feel part of the speech. This I believe is a great piece of work for all people, and I believe everyone should have this particular experience. Next year in grade ten, I want to be a more adaptable learner, and not only develop my reading, writing and verbal skills, but also to learn new techniques to make my understanding of the language much broader. I also want to be an asset to all my peers, and help them develop their skills, and also accept their help when I need it. So in conclusion, I have enjoyed my year in English immensely. I have managed to open my eyes, to a whole new path in life. With each year, my vocabulary and writing skills increase, and I want to develop these skills to become a better all round person. I now know the importance of the language, because it helps in each subject. As you can see, the mind of the ninth grader is a complex one, but also one that can really understand the importance for the past, present and the future. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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