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The mirror 3 diary entries.

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The mirror 3 diary entries. 30/6/86 Today it was my birthday, and I got this diary set from my cousin. To start my diary I live in London and I go to Langdon School in Eastham. Today was a brilliant day I turned eighteen the big one eight. And I wanted a mirror to finish of my bedroom. My dad was decorating my bedroom and I needed a mirror. My mum got me it and she got me other essentials that I needed like a lamp and a chest of draws. And my cousins got me some games and pens and pencils. My favorite was the mirror it was silver and exact, that's how I wanted it to be. And from the start I opened it I fell in love with it. After 7:00pm when they all went home, I helped my mum to clean up. And I asked my dad to hang it up for me and he didn't. ...read more.


When I came back home and I looked in the mirror, I looked a bit fatter than before I went to the party. My mum was right that if you eat too much in one hour your stomach gets bigger an inch or two. 1/8/05 It's been nearly a year since my mother died. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I could of waited one day and I told her to buy me shoes and she went in her car to Blue Water. When she was coming to a junction and she didn't see a car coming and they crashed. From the mirror I can remember her like her image it reflected and that helps me to believe that she is beside me and she would protect me. I'm crying now because I miss her. I've still got my dad and the mirror is apart of me. My mirror was given to me on my 10th birthday and that the mirror is my friend. I know that I have my dad, and but I miss my mother's love. ...read more.


I can still remember by 10th birthday when I got my mirror. Today a got a bottle of perfume and some brandy. My cousin's put their money together to buy me diamond earrings. I'm getting worried with what's going to happen to me. 1/9/25 Today I did the worst thing in my life because I started to cry for my looks. I don't look the same than I looked when I was 20. What can I do? I can't do anything because I know that I have to get old. I know that I can't make myself better again and my feelings for everyone are finished, I always look in the mirror. 2/10/30 Today it's my last time that I'm going to write in this diary because I have been given 24 hours to live and I can't do anything about it because there's something wrong with my heart. Tomorrow I'm going to be with my father and my mother. I'm scared because I don't now what's going to happen to me. My mirror, I have given it to my youngest grand daughter and I've told her to look in the mirror and share my memories .... 1 of 4 ...read more.

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