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The Moist Air, the Rotting Smell and Above All, the Extreme Darkness.

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The moist air, the rotting smell and above all, the extreme darkness. This place was once a mental hospital. Not only a mental hospital, the most renowned and secure in the country. This prison type building was like a safe, once you were in; it was impossible to get out. As soon as you walk into it, the clean, antibiotic smell hits you like a brick wall. It never leaves you; it stays in your soul. I used to work here. I was transferred from a pleasant surgery in London. It was small, quiet and you only got the odd freak. I liked it. Here though, here was totally different. Blood baths were daily occurrences. All of the patients had to wear straight jackets and had steel magnetic boots on that allowed us to monitor where they were in the prison. The noise these boots made was unforgettable. All the time you could hear the loud "clunk, clunk" as the mass-murderers, suicide bombers and international terrorists struggled to lift their heavy feet. You may ask why I have then come back to my nightmare? Why have I returned to the place that still haunts me today? ...read more.


The smell of the clean antibiotic and the stench of rotted bodies had now mixed and it was a very eerie smell. Dead flies lined the walls and floors. I made my way down the dark corridor. I could hear the crunching of the dead bluebottles as I walked down towards the staircase. All the signs were left as if the hospital was still in action. It was weird. I was half expecting Dr Monroe to shout out from nearby for some assistance in sedating a patient. I reached the stairs and made my way down to the bottom floor, which was sign posted 'Secure Unit'. I pushed open the double swing doors and walked through. I used to work in this unit and knew the patients quite well. On either side of the corridor were chain-linked fences, which used to electrified to hold some 'unstable' patients. Some of the patients' personal possessions remained in these cages. It was pitch black down here now. All I had as a source of light was my small torch and I could see about eight meters in front of me. There used to be lights down here. ...read more.


He died over nine years ago. I delivered him to the cemetery. I took a deep breath. I decided to leave now. I had made my peace. As I walked away, towards the door, a voice came from the freezers "Now your sorry aren't you Sir!" It was the voice of Freddy. I almost fainted. It was impossible. I heard then the clunk of another freezer opening. Clunk, clunk, and clunk. More freezers opened, now I ran. Along the corridor. They didn't want me there; I didn't want me here. I had to get out of there. I ran and I ran faster. The morgue door opened. I ran up the stairs at the end of the corridor. Faster and faster they ran after me. Faster and faster I tried to evade them. I had the exit in sight. It grew closer and I could see the outside world. It was growing dark outside. I flung open the doors and jumped the stairs down to my car. As I drove away I looked back up to the morgue window. The light was on. I drew a long sigh of relief. I looked up again. The light clicked out. I was lucky. I had tampered with something, which I should have left alone. I hadn't made my peace but I had discovered something- I won't be coming back here again in a hurry. ...read more.

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