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The moment had passed - our school farewell party.

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´╗┐The moment had passed? ?Come on here, Amy, look what I?ve found?, Jessie called out, and ?I?ve got all the pictures of our school days.? ?And look over her, it?s a CD, let?s check it out?, I added. We were at a sleepover at Stella?s house; Stella kept this slumber party so that we all could spend our time together as we were all apart now. Stella took out the DVD player and attached it to the television, she pressed the start button and we all gathered around with our snacks and drinks in a large quilt in front of the sofa. It took only a few minutes for the movie to start and only a few seconds for the tears to stream down my face. ...read more.


As the movie went on, I could remember every detail of different occasions and all the times spent in the school. My cheeks were wet with tears and my nose was red but all of a sudden a moment came when I rolled on the floor laughing? This was when I saw the scene when the lunch lady fell on the ground. I remembered the entire scene in that instant. What actually happened was, I, Stella and Lucy were waiting in the line for the lunch but our turn did not come, the recess was going to be over so we jumped in the counter and as Jessie kept the lunch lady busy, we grabbed some burgers and hopped out. ...read more.


We sang, danced, clicked pictures, gossiped and enjoyed a lot. There were tableaus, we were given titles, and there was a ramp walk challenge given to us by our juniors. I was given the title ?Angel on Earth?, which although did not suit me. Moreover, we showered drinks at each other after the party. We enjoyed a lot and had the best farewell party of all- The movie ended and suddenly there was laughter after the gloomy moments. We all laughed looking at each other?s faces and hugged each other. All the good times had gone now, the laughter, the cries, and the cheatings in pop tests, disturbing the teachers, messing up with the lunch lady and bullying the juniors. We had to realize that ?the moment had passed.? ...read more.

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