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The monkeys paw

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The monkeys paw The monkeys paw is a successful horror story. It fulfils the criteria for a well written horror story, such as the use of suspense which creates tension which leads to the captivation of the reader and characterisation. This paired well with the sense of mystery, originality and credibility. These factors combined generally create an enthralling horror story which leaves you wanting to read more. The monkeys paw is the severed hand of a monkey which is referred to as an object and the start of the story but is later referred to as a talisman when the White family discover it true power The characters in the story have a high level of credibility because they react to the plot as any real person would. This enhances the story for the reason that our imagination places us in the story as if the reader were a character. This allows the writer to make us more susceptible to twists in the plot. The story begins on a seemingly normal road in an average house. ...read more.


This makes you wonder what could have happened to him in there to make him feel uneasy about telling them. Eventually Mr. White convinces the sergeant to tell them about the paw he tells them about how it makes wishes. He explains how you get three wishes and the thirds one is death. He does not describe his wishes though you get the impression that the wishes did not go as planned because of his hesitation. The sergeant's story now becomes reality for the Whites as he takes the Paw out of his pocket. The sergeant then throws it in the fire and Mr. White takes it out again the sergeants says that it is now none of his responsibility for what happens to the Whites now because he has already tried to get rid of the paw and he leaves. They come to a decision about what their first wish will be and they wish for �200. This is not a greedy wish as this is not a lot of money even in those days. ...read more.


Soon the mystery individual is banging loudly at the door. The mother is trying to get to the door but the father is frying to stop her, he then realises what the sergeant meant when he said that the last wish would be death so he runs and get the paw and just before the mother opens the door he makes the wish and as she opens the door there is nothing there. She starts to cry but Mr. White explains to her why he did it. You never do get to find out what is at the door you do not know if is bad or good. The last part of the story is very well written it is suspenseful and leaves you wondering at the end what actually was at the door. I think even though this story is not actually scary to me it is still good. It may be aimed at a younger audience. If it were not for the Simpson's who have done a copy of this story I would have thought that is was a very original idea. I think the moral of the Monkeys paw could be that fate rules people lives, and that those who interfere with it do so to their sorrow. ...read more.

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