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The Monster in the Closet. Billy was the best little boy in the world.

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´╗┐The Monster in the Closet Billy was the best little boy in the world. His life with was a nightmare. His mother didn?t love him, she was always drunk and he didn?t what to call Tuck ,his stepfather if he called him Tuck he would scold and say call me daddy you ungrateful kid and if he called him dad he would say don?t call me daddy! So Billy avoided calling him anything. Sometimes he would get to go to his grandma?s house which wasn?t nightmare at all. When he came back Tuck started beating him again he tried not to cry because he didn?t want Tuck thinking he was a two year old. ...read more.


He would sneak in the kitchen and get some meat. Even though he was very hungry, he would throw half of it into the closet. Tuck would always tease him about the monster in the closet. He had learned not to ask for help from Tuck. Billy started being less afraid of the monster. He even called the monster a name. He called him Angel. Well it wasn?t the right name for a monster, but the monster was the only thing he had close to a friend. He pictured how it looked. It didn?t look like an angel tough he had gotten a glimpse of the monster, he knew that it was big, it had red slanted eyes. ...read more.


He giggled. He lifted Billy off his bed, Billy wet his pants. He threw Billy in the closet. Billy screamed. He felt Angel's breath against his neck. Tuck opened the door and Billy ran past him. "Where is your monster Billy? Butch taunted."Oh big scary monster, where are you? Oh I am so afraid!" He said. Billy watched as Butch was pulled inside the closet. He heard the screams and crunching of bones. He almost felt sorry for Butch. The screams of Tuck continued for a while. Billy went into his mother's room. He called Grandma. He knew she would come and get him. He knew he would never be afraid of Tuck anymore. Everyone thought Butch took off, and it was obvious that Billy's Mom was not interested in taking care of him so the courts gave custody to Billy's grandparents. Billy lived happily ever after. ...read more.

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