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The most successful poet amongst students within the Sheffield College.

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English Department Castle College Granville Road Sheffield 30 November 2002 Dear Sir/Madam RE: THE MOST SUCCESSFUL POET I am writing to you in response to your request to find out who is the most successful poet amongst students within the Sheffield College. I will therefore be putting forward a case explaining why I have chosen Grace Nichols to be the most successful poet. Grace Nichols is a well known black poet. She originally comes from Guyana in the Caribbean, where she worked as a journalist until she moved to Britain in 1977. Grace Nichols now works as a freelance writer and is without doubt one of the best. Her abilities as a writer are remarkable as she gives the reader a fascinating but shocking incite into slavery and the oppression of black people by the whites. She also covers issues surrounding the oppression of women in society. One of her most moving works is a poem entitled 'In My Name', where she focuses on a 'slave' girl who has become pregnant after being raped by her white 'master'. ...read more.


This poem is outstanding and it contributes greatly to delicate issues that are not commonly raised. This piece alone should convince you that Grace Nichols is by far the most successful poet; her style is both informative and entertaining and should be acknowledged. Another powerful piece of writing is 'I Coming Back' which again looks at slavery. This time it is written from a different perspective and gives the 'slave' some power over her master. The poem is about a 'slave' girl who is determined to gain revenge for crimes against her. The poet cleverly achieves this by writing the poem in the style of a ritual voodoo/magic spell. She uses repetitive statements or chants to create an image of the 'slave' having power, it shows that despite her master having almost complete control over her life he can't control her thoughts. To enhance this image Nichols uses a semantic field associated with death. The words 'underworld', 'evil' and 'skull' all have negative connotations of evil and the afterlife. ...read more.


Grace Nichols raises major issues surrounding slavery and its effects on innocent individuals. These points are strongly addressed in 'I Coming Back' and 'Up my spine'. Nichols covers them with sensitivity but in an intelligible way. She also covers the issue of motherhood 'In my Name', and the impact that slavery has upon mothers lives and how it influences there decision making. She successfully contributes to the readers understanding of all the issues which she covers in a clear, interesting and entertaining manner. Anything that gives a lasting impression like Grace Nichols' work should be rewarded. Grace Nichols has already been awarded the Commonwealth poetry prize in 1983 for 'I is a long memoried women'. This accolade brought her to the attention of a wider audience and is an obvious indicator to the quality of her poetry. Nichols' work is truly moving and a pleasure to read. I hope you will enjoy reading her work as much as I did and show credit where it is due. Yours sincerely ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Grace Nichols: Hurricane Hits England section.

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