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The national cross-country championship is tomorrow. I lay in my bed frantic and sleepless because of the everlasting anxious thoughts of the race. I use my remaining time awake to plan my race strategy.

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The Journey through The Dream An exotic landscape with pleasant underfoot ground and the freshest air I have ever breathed. That is a place where I can truly relax and unwind. When I am in the countryside, I feel as if I am the last person on earth. Yet through my mood of calm, a piercing unbearable feeling arises. A feeling deep within me overtakes the contentment and I am left with emptiness and sorrow. After years of dreaming I have yet to fulfil my destiny of winning a major cross-country championship. I can feel my victory eagerly waiting to become a reality. Over the years, through an experience of mixed emotions, I have developed a deep passion for cross-country running. After giving years of dedication and determination to the sport it seems as though it has taken over my life. Everything in my life has come to relate to the subject of running. I wonder if my desire to run is playing with my thoughts of reality. Or is the world simply turning into a place where running is the only thing left? Will these thoughts ever stop swimming in my mind? What began as a hobby has grown into the most powerful force that directs my life. ...read more.


Ducks are bobbing up and down sleepily on the surface of the high rippled water caused by the smashing rain drops and powerful winds. For a moment I feel as though I am immersed into the beauty of the unsettled pond. How can these peaceful birds remain undisturbed by this unpleasant weather? After a moment of admiring the beauty of nature, I snap and I find myself back in reality of the race. Another up-hill struggle emerges though it does not seem as long as the first hill but appears to be much steeper. As I look into the skies atmosphere, I inhale and exhale deeply whilst absorbing and relishing each cherished breath. I can see breaks forming within the clouds allowing the suns radiance to pass through. Every time I look up into the sky I see that the breaks are widening more brightening the surrounding atmosphere which was once dark and dull. The sun is streaming into my eyes masking the troubles of life. I embrace destiny. The wind brushes along my cheek sending a slight chill over my body which washes away the sweat falling from my forehead. ...read more.


My life long ambition has come true, I can hear the roars from the applauding crowd and can see the happiness beam through my loved ones faces. I am now the best in England. The experience had been an emotional battle, a journey draining both body and mind. I contemplated upon my future as a runner throughout the race, constantly questioning whether I had what it takes to become a world class athlete. I had to win, I had to prove myself. Never would I have thought such obstacles would arise throughout the race. However, I Badruddin Manassib, had the power and stamina to overcome these trials and tribulations throughout this intense twenty three minutes and thirty four seconds. This day will resound in my mind forever. My victory will lead the path to a future as a professional runner. This race is one step of many that I will need to take in order to become an Olympic champion one day. My next step is the 'Junior World cross-country Championship', here I come! Winning has given me the confidence to believe in my ability to achieve my goal. Without my dream, I would never have had the immense determination that drove me to succeed. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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