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The Necklace

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The Necklace Set in the Nineteenth Century Paris. The two main characters are Mathilde and Monsieur Loisel are dearly defined Mathilde was pretty, delightful but had no dowry, no expectations of marrying well because of this fact but nevertheless had aspirations to be more than she would become Mathilde married Monsieur Loisel as she had "No means of meeting some rich, important man who would understand love and marry her." So when Monsieur Loisel a junior clerk of the Ministry of Education Proposed she accepted. Mathilde was unhappy all of the time as she felt she was intended for something better life a higher social position of refinement and luxury. Mathilde noticed the peeling paint the run-down apartment the lack of furniture to the point of depression and anger. ...read more.


Still this is not enough as the evening draws near Mathilde is still unhappy even though she has her elegant dress, she feels she needs jewels Monsieur Loisel again offers a solution by advising Mathilde to go and see an old convent friend to see if she can borrow some for the evening, which she does. Mathilde had a much better time at the reception dancing with everyone she could including the minister until dawn, whilst Monsieur Loisel is sleeping in an armchair in a small empty side room. Even after dancing enthusiastically still this wasn't enough for Mathilde on leaving having to put on an ordinary housecoat as opposed to the furs the other women wore she ignores her husbands plea to wait for a cab for fear the elusion she has created is shattered and runs down the stairs. ...read more.


Mathilde is dressed like any other working woman counting and watching every penny, she no longer dreams away her day on fanciful ideals, she is working to survive. Monsieur Loisel is a strong character although we never know his name the descriptions of his actions is strong enough for us to forge an opinion of him, I believe he loves his wife due to the extraordinary lengths he goes to, to right the debt never once holding Mathilde's Vanity against her. I don't believe Mathilde loved her husband she had made do since the beginning of the marriage always dreaming for money, she had aged badly in the last ten years perhaps she deserved this as surely her own selfishness and vanity to be something she wasn't had brought around her was her own demise. ...read more.

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