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The Negative Usually Turns to Positive

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Travis Kane English 101 Theme Essay The Negative Usually Turns to Positive Quite often in life the difficult situations are time and again followed by a positive outcome. In the play, "Steel Magnolias," six women who spent every Saturday together gossiping, showed the true meaning of this theme. Annelle, whose husband left her, found true happiness with a man whom she met at Shelby's wedding. Ouiser was there to help Shelby's father in a time of need even though she had always hated him. Shelby's death brought the women to realize how much they really meant to one another. ...read more.


introduced Annelle to Shelby who was getting married. Annelle met her new husband at Shelby's wedding. If Annelle's husband never left her she wouldn't have been able to evolve into the wonderful person that she was by the end of the play. Annelle's difficult situation ended with a very positive outcome. Ousier was a psychotic woman that drove everyone crazy. People loved to patronize her just as often. There was no one better at driving her crazy than Shelby's father. She absolutely hated Shelby's father. He was constantly finding ways to make her mad. ...read more.


She did not understand why her daughter had to die before she did. She felt that the mother was always supposed to die before the daughter. Although it was a very difficult time for everyone it ended up being a very positive experience. Shelby's death allowed the woman to realize how precious life can really be. Her death also made them realize how much the friendships they shared with one another really influenced their lives. Throughout the play the negative aspects in all the women's lives eventually evolved into the positive points. People need to remember that when they are experiences difficult times, are they will soon be followed by something positive. This play was a perfect example of this theme. 1 ...read more.

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