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The Negatives of Teacup Pets

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Henderson Selena Henderson Ms. S. Hadden English 9 Honors, 3rd Block April 13, 2012 Negatives of Teacup Pets Teacup pets are very small animals that are usually small enough to fit in a teacup, depending upon the original size and species of the animal. No average animals are actually born this size. Although these miniature animals are popular to buy, they are genetically modified and have multiple health problems. The reason for breeders to make smaller versions of pets is their appeal to the potential customer. ...read more.


Teacup breeders will often modify the animal to make them teacup sized. Through poor nutrition and genetics, their growth is drastically diminished (Teacup). Allowing the animals to be born premature is one way of creating teacup-sized pets (The Truth). A second way of creating these animals is to breed runts together. Their growth is also stunted if the breeder restricts their food intake to a bare minimum after they are born (Lunis). Many negative outcomes occur as a result of producing teacup pets. They are usually born with multiple health problems that show up later in their life (Teacup and Miniature). ...read more.


It is hard for them to recover from illnesses and are easily hurt from regular handling (Nelson). They are prone to dental disease and are known for having cardiovascular problems. Skin allergies are likely to occur due to their immune sensitivity (Miniature). Loss of sight and seizures are commonly found in teacup dogs. Due to the small size of the animals? mouths, their adult teeth cannot grow in correctly (Lunis). Teacup animals are faced with many unnecessary handicaps that are not shared by a normal size pet. In conclusion, teacup-sized animals though attractive, are unnatural. They are created by humans. Although the pets attract the attention of many people, they are genetically modified and usually have a lot of health issues. ...read more.

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