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The New Baby Sitter.

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The New Baby Sitter We liked the new babysitter; that was clear from the moment we opened the door. She had long brown hair, a big smile and rosy red lips. She was holding her long denim coat and a small basket filled up with sweets. We said, "goodbye" to Mum and Dad, they were going to a wedding and had seen our new babysitter advertised in the local newspaper. I shut the front door and then walked into the living room to see what my brother Daniel and my sister Chloe were doing. Daniel was sitting on the floor playing a game on the Playstation and Chloe was sitting at the dining room table reading a revision book. ...read more.


Megan insisted that we got into bed, but instead we all wanted to have an adventure. Megan moaned and said it was babyish, but our dog Pepe still had to go for his late night walkies, so we all went for a walk out into the woods. Obviously Chloe was scared because she was the youngest, so we all had to comfort her. The woods were very dark and spooky so we all decided to stay together, that is, me Megan and Chloe, because Daniel thought it would be funny to wonder off and make Megan really scared. He then called out to us and we would run until we couldn't hear his voice anymore. As we turned the corner by an oak tree Daniel jumped out at us, this made Daniel's plan work perfectly. ...read more.


Luckily there was a woman waiting for a bus. On the other side of the road, she was talking to someone on her mobile phone. She saw us; Daniel was still coughing, The lady dashed over to us and I asked If she could dial for the emergency services. It seemed ages before help arrived, by this time Daniel's cough had eased and Megan, Chloe and Pepe dog where with us, the paramedic confirmed that Daniel was stable and well, so we all linked arms for the short walk back to the house. Megan put on the hot chocolate while we all got ready for bed, and we huddled in front of the fire, recalling our adventure. I new we would like our baby sitter, lets hope she comes round again soon! Katrina Morris-10N ...read more.

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