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The New Mistress – A Damnosa Hereditas

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Chapter Five The New Mistress - A Damnosa Hereditas A vehicle of some kind was softly creeping along the lane from Casterbridge to Little Weatherbury Farm. The dirt and muddy tones that contrasted with the formal black of the small carriage would alert anyone who knew of the adverse conditions of the roads in the south would know that this vehicle had been around Norcombe. On this cold, cloudless night the not so humble abode of the Everdene's appeared like one of the gatehouses of Camelot, the glassy shine of the stars reflecting on the upper windows and into the eyes of the new mistress. To her it was destiny for her to live in the manor as Nelson thought it his destiny to succeed. And as with the great sailor there was great pride in the woman. Although it was now late at night Miss Everdene insisted that her guide rouse the whole house in honour of her arrival. ...read more.


However instead of a friendly and interested response the gentleman replied, " I beg to inform you madam that it is long past meridian, and I would very much appreciate it if you would not distract my workers by parading yourself in front of them. Good day to you." Bthsheba returned home in such a mood as would have befit the Emperor's rage after being purged from the Realm of the Cossacks. At the birth of the next week however at Sunday Service Bathsheba's spirits had risen from the ashes like a Phoenix from the ashes, as she was the centre of attention, like a jerry-go-nimble show or something of the sort. Nevertheless Boldwood ignored her most religiously. While these events were taking place there was a young person in the employment of Bathsheba that had other things to worry her, her pregnancy and her thoughts of her husbands whereabouts. Commentary As you can see I have tried to maintain Hardy's style of writing in my chapter. ...read more.


takes it that the world does not think her as important as she believes herself to be, giving only this small workforce to her. I have described Pennyways as a 'snake' because we know from reading the book that he has been stealing grain and is a co-conspirator with Troy at the end. I have put in the part with Boldwood as to give another reason for Bathsheba sending the valentines card in the future. The uncivil way in which he snubbed her would have warranted revenge from the proud woman. I have reinforced this by adding in the part about Boldwood ignoring Bathsheba at Sunday Service, which Liddy reminds her mistress about before sending the valentines card. I used the quote "Damnosa Hereditas" because it means ruinous inheritance and from Bathsheba's first steps in the land she sets off a disastrous sequence of events that will leave a scar on her and other good, innocent people. I have put in the part about the young woman because it gives us the idea about Fanny Robbins imminent departure and troubles. ...read more.

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