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The Night That Changed My Life.

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The Night That Changed My Life. It all started two and a half years ago. It was the night of my sixteenth birthday party. It was at my house and all my friends were there including my boyfriend, Jamie. It was a great night, like the ones you only think happen in the movies, with loads of brilliant music and everyone was dancing. Everything just went right and made it excellent. Me being me, I had a little too much to drink and was felling ill. I decided to go out side for some fresh air. I went out into my front garden and sat by the tree. I was leaning up against it staring into the starry sky when I felt someone's arm around me. ...read more.


I had no strength to say anything back. They just started walking off. I tried telling them to stop but when I opened my mouth nothing but stale air came out. I found my trousers down around my ankles. I got up and pulled my trousers up. Something felt different. I don't know what it was but there was something. I went inside and locked myself in my bedroom. I lay on my bed trying to recall what happened last night. I remembered going outside and the strange voice, the drink. In the end I came to the conclusion that it was drugged. Then it all came back to me with pain. I began to cry. ...read more.


She was shocked. She could not believe it. The next week I was scheduled for my period and by the end of the week I had realized I had skipped it. I decided to go to the doctors and had a pregnancy test. I was pregnant. Every day I grew bigger and felt it kicking, it just kept on bringing back that night. My friend's noticed and the slag taunts still came. They just wouldn't listen. Nine months came and I was in labour. My mum was there holding my hand. I was so glad she was there. Without her I couldn't have got through this. I would have probably killed myself or something stupid like that. But I am still here to tell the story with my mum still by my side and all my old friends back and not forgetting my one year old daughter Amber. ...read more.

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