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The Nike OLE! Advert is a great advert because it is very eye catching and it pushes the boundaries with advertising showing the silky skills of arguably the greatest footballer in the world,

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Ole! That's what children everywhere will be saying after they take the football past someone, once they have seen this advert. The Nike adverts have always being interesting adverts because their different to other adverts. The Nike OLE! Advert is a great advert because it is very eye catching and it pushes the boundaries with advertising showing the silky skills of arguably the greatest footballer in the world, Ronaldinho, with the flair of Cristiano Ronaldo, the strength and power of Roberto Carlos and the ruthlessness of the referees. Another reason that the Nike OLE! Advert is a great advert is because; it's an advert that you would enjoy watching and not one that you have to watch during the program that you are watching. This advert is not like normal adverts because it is not advertising a product as such. But it's advertising a company and the company's web site. Everything that you can see in the advert that is labelled is made by Nike and has a Nike tick on it. ...read more.


I think this bit is effective because it is funny and ironic to see a referee taking out a player when he's the person who's supposed to stop fouling in the game and punish the team/player who commits the foul. There are not very many words in the Nike OLE! advert but it still works very well with some words not understood, as the colour, action and music keep your attention and interest throughout. Probably the most important part in this advert is when Ronaldinho gets the ball and flies down the wing taking the ball past football players, showing off his speed and skill. This is effective because it is good promotion for Nike using a very famous and skilled player performing these skills while wearing their product. Also I think the opening part of the advert is an important part because it shows how the story line began. It starts with one of the Portuguese players asking for the ball off the referee and kicking it through the legs of one the Brazilian players. ...read more.


to emphasise their skill over their opponents. Also there is numerous close ups of the Nike Ticks and obvious Nike products. In this advert there is also a variety of long shots and mid shots. This advert mostly uses long shots to show how the audience are reacting to some of the action of the advert. For instance when Ronaldinho is showing off his tricks there is a long shot to show the audiences react with shouts and cheers which add to the atmosphere. Also there is a variety of colours which consist of mostly reds and yellows in this advert. These are mostly light and bright which makes this advert appear lively and energetic. I think that the Nike OLE! advert is a very effective and well designed advert, which is entertaining, funny, and great to watch. It also has a catchphrase that people can use when they are playing football. So it is appealing to all football fans and those who like to wear sportswear. James Mankel 10B ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

A solid analysis of an advertising campaign that addresses many of the key ideas. A greater focus on the intended audience would have been good as this would have been linked to the decisions made about how the advert was put together.

4 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 05/09/2013

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