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The Norfolk Whistler.

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The Norfolk Whistler She stood in the road and stared down into the dark, empty road that seemed to have no end. The one road she did not want to walk down in the dark especially alone because this was where the whistlers three other victims had been found. Valerie looked around to see if there was another route home but no, nothing was available! She began walking forward whilst rummaging through her bag trying to find her scarf and gloves because it was starting to get cold. She then sifted through her pockets for the torch her father had given her to walk across their farm with, but she had no luck and couldn't find it! She walked shakily forward into the black hole, tears trickled down her face with fear thinking of what her father would do and say. Walking past all the old spooky houses she realised she would soon be alone. As she walked past her last chance of getting home (a taxi rank that was situated on the outskirts of town) she came to a sudden halt and thought she could get them to take her home and she could then get her father to pay when she got home. ...read more.


"O.k. I'll just get my keys from out back so I can shut up for ten minutes, I'm sure it won't hurt!" "I'll wait here" As the man walked away Valerie felt much happier with herself knowing that she will be getting home safely. As the man walked out he said "come on then let's go." So they walked out towards a really flash car. Valerie asked the man if it was his? "No I wish it was though it belongs to the boss" "Should you be using his car?" "He won't mind it's only a couple of miles to go!" So they got in the car and drove off. Valerie was really happy looking out of the car window thinking she could have been walking down that dark, dingy road if she hadn't gone into the taxi office. She opened the window and there was silence except for the sound of the engiene. As they drove through the trees she could hear the animals scurrying and they were scaring her from the car so she dreaded to think what it would be like walking alongside of them! "Do you mind if I put the radio on?" ...read more.


day" "Yeah maybe, Bye" "Bye" Valerie got out the car as she turned away she shut the door, turning back round John sped away into the distance. Valerie didn't think she would see him ever again. She began walking home alone, she became very fearful, and she knew she only had a two minute walk. She walked down to the end of the high street and turned right in to the drive of her farm. Finally she was safely home. Within a blink of the eye she was being dragged off by her scarf, she didn't have the energy to scream! The man shouted at her; "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET YOU STUPID GIRL FOR NOT COMING HOME ON TIME YOU DO AS I SAY OR YOU PAY......LIKE THE OTHERS!" "DADDY?" "Don't even think it" "PLEASE?" "No I'm fed up with you!" "I'm so sorry!" "Too late my girl" And with that she went incredibly limp in her killer's arms. With another pull of her scarf she was dead! Her killer stood up and dragged Valerie to his car and took her to the scariest road Valerie ever knew! Now she will be resting here for ever and ever! That's what she got for missing the 9.40 bus to Cobbs Marsh! ...read more.

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