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The Notebook

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Book Review---The Notebook Summer of 1932 in New Bern, North Carolina is where it all began. Noah Calhoun, a farmer boy, and Allie Nelson, the daughter of a very successful man, experienced a forbidden, young love and a lingering lost. For fourteen years they were both haunted by the love they lost. For fourteen years they wondered what would had happen if things ended differently. At age 29 and engaged to Lon, a successful lawyer, Allie couldn't wonder no longer. She traveled afar to seek the only one who could answer her remaining questions, Noah. ...read more.


All Noah could think about was her engagement to Lon and trying to keep it cool between the two. He wondered of why she wasn't pursuing her dream as an artist and found that no one saw her talent except her college professor and himself. At Noah's surprise, Allie agreed to meet again the next day. They spent the day together and the night in each other's arms. The next morning Anne Nelson, Allie's mother who kept all of Noah's letter from the summer they left New Bern to the very last, arrived with unexpected news. ...read more.


The best and most heart-felt part was when after Allie left the first day, Noah whispered, "She's engaged," and broke down and cried. And the letters were so touching, especially the last letter Allie wrote to Noah. I just want to cry every time I read it. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to cry because this book will make you cry. Also to whoever wants to hope for love because though this love may seem unbelievable, Nicholas Sparks had to be inspired by the same kind of love to be able to put it down on paper. ...read more.

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