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The novel Animal Farm, written by Eric Blair under the pseudonym George Orwell, is a novel written as an allegory (a story with a double meaning) on the Russian Revolution

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The novel Animal Farm, written by Eric Blair under the pseudonym George Orwell, is a novel written as an allegory (a story with a double meaning) on the Russian Revolution. Blair, a passionate believer in justice, freedom and equality, wrote this book as a warning to all of those who hold a powerful political position. The novel is written on several different levels. It is written as a 'Political satire', written with a critical attitude with wit and humour for the purpose of mocking or ridiculing the follies of man's political behaviour and comments. To be an effective satire, the novel must show that the central ideas to the cause are noble, but man's nature prevents them from being implemented. Man simply cannot resist the temptation of power. Orwell has fulfilled this criteria very well as the teachings of Old Major on Animalism (based on the teachings of Marx about Communism) were noble but the power the pigs gained led them from one corruption to the other with the pigs growing ever more power-hungry and the tyrannical reign of the chief pig, Napoleon. Napoleon, who represents the powerful leader, Stalin, is an aggressive animal who gradually increases his personal power and privileges, while simultaneously tightening his control over the other animals. The way that Napoleon is described is in the way that a typical tyrant had been described throughout history. ...read more.


Would anybody defy his rule? This was actually a very good excuse to see if any of the animals were trying to start a rebellion against him. And if they were, he would see to it that that they were put down and the rebellion was squashed. The election of Napoleon is described to be unanimous. This is, of course, the only outcome possible as Napoleon was the only candidate for the job. This proves that the animals of animal farm have no free will or freedom of speech as they only had one animal to vote for and only one point of view. The book tells of a situation between the pigs and the animals, where the animals are not being given all of the rights which they originally rebelled for. They rebelled for freedom and equality and they have not been given either of these. Animalism, which is the animal form of as Communism, is about freedom from the tyrannical grip of the human/leader and the freedom to do as they pleased with their lives. This would have included choosing a leader. If the animals are not given these rights then there was no point in fighting for a revolution in the first place. If they could not choose their own leader then they may as well still be under the rule of Jones. ...read more.


Napoleon wants his children to grow up with the idea that he is a hero and with the failing memories of the older animals, he tries to change what really happened to a version that makes him look like a conqueror and someone for his children to look up to. Napoleon has confused the animals so much that they don't know who to trust and they find that they can't even trust themselves. Stalin also did this to his people in Russia. He told them so many different stories that the peasants did not know what to believe and many of them became thoroughly confused over the situation. The book Animal Farm is a book which tell us of the power-hungry nature of man and how man is always wanting more. The novel tells us of the segregation, discrimination and intimidation of the animals and the leaders and the growing problem of some animals thinking that they are better than others. It tell us of a hierarchy where the people at the top are better, in every single way, to the animals below them. Orwell's novel is a brilliant example of how man is always led away from the true and noble causes of equality and liberation and it tells of the true irony and hypocrisy of the leaders. This book is a warning to everyone: power is only great if used wisely and for the right causes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sarah Merchant 9X1- 9NES English ...read more.

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