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The novel is set in Soledad, near the Salinas River on America's west coast.

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The novel is set in Soledad, near the Salinas River on America's west coast. It is inspired from John Steinbeck's life, the author. He lived the first part of his life, during the "Great Depression" in the U.S.A., in California. By working on a ranch with other men and women he could examine how they acted and thought, this gave him the inspiration for the characters in "Of Mice and Men" and for his other writings. Due to the high unemployment and to the economical unstableness, people had to travel a lot from place to place, ranch to ranch to find work. This did not give the opportunity for people to make friends, so people often lived their lives alone. ...read more.


These two are not the only two lonely characters in this book; we come across other ones even lonelier than them.These are Candy, Crooks and Curley's wife Candy the old, one-handed swamper, is the first one to befriend George and Lennie. They meet him in chapter two when they just get to the ranch. Differently from Crooks and Curley's wife he is lonely due to his old age and uselessness. The 'Lousy ol' sheep' (as Curley's wife refers to him) without a hand is the first one to befriend George and Lennie when they get to the ranch. The part concerning the shooting of Candy's old, stinking, rheumatic dog demonstrates the harshness of the rapports and the environment that Steinbeck illustrates.***further development*** Crooks is the only black man in the book and it is through attitudes towards him that we get an insight into the position of black people in America at the time. ...read more.


She is married to Curley, the bosses son, but their relationship does not seem marvellous in fact it does not work. In consequence to this, she looks for solace with other men in the ranch creating her image in the ranch workers mind of a "tart". Due to her isolation caused by the sexism of the environment that surrounded her, she cultivates further her icon as a means of getting noticed. Every character in the book seems to fight his or her loneliness in some way, George and Lennie do this by travelling and living together. From my point of view this is like a protest against the conformative loneliness that used to "reign" at those times. I think that the characters, to be motivated to work and live their harsh and lonely life, create dreams in their mind of a better life, this makes them keep going. MUST BE QUOTED. ...read more.

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