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The novel, Looking for Alibrandi, the documentary, Australia Has No Winter and the poem, This is My House all describe the unique journeys which immigrants experience.

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´╗┐MIGRATION ESSAY It is the dream of every immigrant, to live a life free of burdens in a new country that offers much. A place where one can work for suitable wages, where children can be raised in an appropriate environment and where one can maintain one?s cultural and racial identity. Yet despite these incentives, many immigrants experience an internal battle between the past and present. This struggle is over the decision to conform to the ?new? society?s beliefs, or cleave to their previous lifestyle. The novel, Looking for Alibrandi, the documentary, Australia Has No Winter and the poem, This is My House all describe the unique journeys which immigrants experience. Some are fortunate to find their experience of migration generally fruitful whilst others, are not so privileged. Many struggle to adjust to Australian life and come to terms with its different culture, lifestyle, language and the fact that, for many, the nation is miles away from their loved ones. Whilst entertaining her teenage audience, Melina Marchetta, the author of Looking for Alibrandi, focuses on the complexities of the racial discrimination which migrants face. ...read more.


Before their arrival, they had minimal knowledge of Australia, but based their decision on others? opinions. ?We live in hope, because many others said it?s good there?Like new born babies?life starts from the beginning, from zero.? Like new born babies, the Arbutinas arrived in wonder and hope, dreaming of endless possibilities. The family tried hard to accept the new country, culture and especially the new language which proved to be an obstacle to their migration experience. Stefan lost control over his family when his self-esteem plummeted as Georgia and his daughters found it easier than he did. ?I?m stupid, I?m lost?whatever advice I try to give, it?s not good enough.? The move caused the parents of the family, to experience an array of health problems; anxiety attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts. In particular Stefan, the father, felt lost and worthless as he was not able to find a job immediately and put his skills to work. As a population declines, immigrants with skills become valuable, but it?s the skills that are esteemed. ...read more.


My brother and I were satisfied with the Australian education system which offered a unique learning experience in addition to a childhood we never had. Despite facing problems similar to the Arbutinas, my mother found it a positive experience as she saw migration to be a learning experience that was ?just another stage of [her] life?. However, my father was similar to Katia and Stefan in terms of leaving the rich culture and traditions behind. ?I still ponder about moving back to Pakistan and its rich tradition; however, I?m grateful for all the privileges this country has to offer,? he told me. Experiences of migration vary, depending on the immigrant?s outlook on life, whether they migrated with people they know, the situations which they encounter and knowledge regarding the country. The immigrant?s choices can favour them, or cause repercussions. Migrants determine how they want to live their new life based upon their upbringings, bearing in mind the positive and negative long-term effects. None of us, who are born in our native land, can imagine the issues new immigrants face upon entering a new country, let alone the hardships they encounter once there. 1,036 words ...read more.

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