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The novel "Of Mice and Men" is set around loneliness and dreams. Do you agree?

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Ceri Davies 09/10/01 The novel "Of Mice and Men" is set around loneliness and dreams. Do you agree? The novel "Of Mice and Men" was written by John Steinbeck. He set the novel in the 1930's during the economical depression. At this time there were not a lot of jobs. This resulted in harsh poverty. Most men became ranch workers at this time as the majority of businesses had failed. Most ranch workers worked casually and could not afford to settle down. However there was always the dream of doing this. I have decided to start my essay by writing about Candy. I think that Candy is one of the loneliest characters in this novel. Candy is an old man who lost his right hand in an accident at the ranch. The ranch now use him as a swamper, this means that he has no companionship at all and that Candy is alone all the time that he works. He is an old man with no one but an old dog to keep him company. E.g. "old Candy, the swamper, came in and went to his bunk, and behind him struggled his old dog." I think that the fact that Candy is a gossip is one if the biggest clue's that we could get that tells us that he is lonely. I think he does to get the other men on the ranch to like him so that they'll ask him if he'll want to do stuff with him. E.g. " The boss was expecting you last night" E.g. " His thumbs were stuck in his belt" Candy loves to gossip so that he gets attention. We read this all the way through the novel. The reason anyone wants attention is because they are lonely that is the only reason. He is so lonely that the old dog is his best friend. Here is my proof that he loves to gossip and he loves the attention he gets for it. ...read more.


E.g. "that's him,' whit cried. ' that's the guy!" Whit plays a very important part in John Steinbeck's plan to show us how big a dream having their ranch is to all of the workers. He gets so excited over him having a magazine which one of his friends letters are in. E.g. "Whit found the place again, but he did not surrender his hold on it." In the novel Crooks say's that they all want a piece of land and that he's read loads of books on it. E.g." ever'body wants a little piece of lan'. I read plenty of books out here." George is one of the loneliest characters in the novel. At the beginning of the novel George appears lonely as him and Lennie (George's companion) walk one behind the other, even in the open space. This suggests that their relationship is unfulfilling. E.g. "They walked single file down the path, and even in the open one stayed behind the other." In the novel there are lots of things that point to George's loneliness. A strong one is at the beginning of the novel when he sits back and starts to whistle to himself. The reason for him doing this maybe that it reminds him of something he heard as a child or maybe his mother sang it to him when he was a little angelic boy. E.g. "George lay where he was and whistled softly himself." Another clue that we get to his loneliness is a card game called solitaire. George plays solitaire because Lennie is unable to play cards with George. E.g. "George stared at his solitaire lay, and then he flounced the cards together and turned around to Lennie." E.g. "George stacked the scattered cards and began to lay out his solitaire hand." George admits that he's lonely when he says that he's not as lonely as most people. ...read more.


Curly's wife has the dream of being in films. A man once said to her that she had a talent and that she could go somewhere and be the best that they can be and they think that means being somebody somebody. I think that John Steinbeck wrote that part of the novel so that the reader would know that the man that told her this was a fake and a phoney. E.g. " Because this guy said that I was a natural." Whit helped me a lot to understand how important it was to be admired by the other men. Also how important companionship is. The way in Whit told Slim about bill his old friend who came to work on the ranch for a while. E.g." I know it. Bill and me was in here one day." In the book there are not many indications that Whit has dreams but there this quote helped me greatly in understanding that his dream is to be famous like his friend Bill. He wants to be in the western magazine like Bill. E.g. " an' that's just what they done. There it is." Conclusion I agree that the novel of "mice and men" is set around loneliness and dreams. I think that the novel was supposed to be set around the themes of loneliness and dreams because of the deep content of information that is presented in the novel. Evan though I think that loneliness and dreams are the two main themes they are not the only ones. There is also the theme of bitterness. John Steinbeck captures this mostly in the characters of Curly, Curly's wife and Carlson. Also the theme of friendship, this is related to loneliness but it is represented by characters that are less lonely than others in the novel. The characters that represent friendship are slim and whit. Slim because he tries so hard to be friends with George and Whit because when he talks about Bill he says that he talked to Bill about things. Such as Bill writing to the western magazine. ...read more.

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