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The Nurse and her relationship with Juliet throughout the play, "Romeo and Juliet".

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The Nurse and her relationship with Juliet The Nurse and her relationship with Juliet throughout the play, "Romeo and Juliet". Throughout the play the Nurse continually appears. At the beginning of the play the relationship is clear. From the outset and throughout the play the trust, protection, willingness, mischief, and loving care of the Nurse are shown. The Nurse has a lot of affection for Juliet. She plays more of a mother figure to Juliet than her natural mother does, Lady Capulet. The Nurse has nursed her all her life. The Nurse has been within the Capulet household for at least fourteen years, the entirety of Juliet's life. As Juliet grows up, she still plays an important role in her life. The Nurse was actually Juliet's wet nurse, and it is proven that a bond between a baby and one who feeds it is very strong. The Nurse had a daughter of her own, Susan. She was born on the exact same day as Juliet; she unfortunately died leaving the nurse very distraught. When she got the job of looking after Juliet she was at last contented. Juliet was like her own daughter; she took the place of Susan. This shows that the nurse is quite an affectionate character. She continuously looks out for Juliet. It also shows that the nurse is quite caring; taking on the job of a full time nurse is hard. However, she shows love continuously. ...read more.


"His name is Romeo, and a Montague" Juliet is comfortable with and at ease speaking to the Nurse. This allows Juliet to take her into her confidence when she decides to defy her family feud and marry Romeo. In act 2 scene 2 the Nurse interrupts Romeo and Juliet again. "Madam" This is the scene where the couple renew promises to each other with the sudden proposal of marriage. "Thy propose marriage, send me word tomorrow" The proposal comes from Juliet, quite unexpected. The couple has only known each other for a short space I time. However the Nurse does not object and does what Juliet wishes. In act 2 scene 4 the Nurse appears when Romeo is with his friends. For this Juliet has used the nurse as a messenger. "Gentlemen, can any of you tell me where I may find the young Romeo?" Although she spoke to him recently, it was brief and she cannot remember what he looked like. It is the same with Romeo. Romeo acts differently with his friends and when the Nurse enters he jokes with her, mocking her dress and movements. "A sail, A sail" The nurse is quite a large lady, she is written to wear a flowing dress. Romeo pretends that she is a ship and that her headscarf is a sail. The Nurse holds Juliet's happiness so high that she betrays her employer and arranges Juliet's marriage and last night with Romeo. ...read more.


This shows that the Nurse cares for Juliet and Romeo. If she perhaps didn't then we would see the Lady Capulet finding them together in the room. "Your lady mother is coming to your chamber" Juliet's mother enters the room. When the father enters towards the end of the scene, an argument brakes out. Juliet's father swears at the Nurse. He also curses Juliet. "Disobedient wretch" The two of them are shocked by this outrage, but the Nurse stands up for herself, whereas Juliet whimpers in the corner, hiding behind the Nurse. Juliet wants comfort from the Nurse. The Nurse, however, has no comfort to offer Juliet. She thinks of the grief and shock at the events of the previous day. She thinks only the most practical way of getting out of all their difficulties. When the Nurse advises Juliet to forget about Romeo and Marry Paris she motivates Juliet to actin and she seeks help elsewhere. The Nurse suggests that Juliet should forget about Romeo and marry Paris. She loses Juliet's confidence, and trust. Juliet decides to seek the help of Friar Laurence; thereafter she no longer involves the Nurse in her secret Plans. That is the last scene in which we see the Nurse. Throughout the play, she appears, however when she loses Juliet's trust, she is lost from the play. The Nurse plays a critical role in Romeo and Juliet. Her relationship with major characters and her part in the secretive romance of the two lovers cause the play's actions to move quickly and in a powerful way. The Nurse acts as Shakespeare's pawn to guide the events of the play in a dramatic manner. ...read more.

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