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The Nurses Monologue

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The Nurses Monologue The Nurse: My Mistress Juliet is a very demanding person who is easily pleased. I took the job with the Capulets because of my own daughter Susan. I needed to look after my own daughter so you might say I was desperate. Unfortunately; she died and is with God and now Juliet. They always got on but she was too good for me. I kept on looking after Juliet because I still needed to look after myself and because Juliet became like a daughter to me. When Juliet asked me to go and see Romeo, I agreed so she would be happy. I knew he had asked her to marry her because she told as soon as it had happened, but I didn't realise that the wedding would be so soon. ...read more.


Then I found out about the plan that Juliet and Friar Lawrence had cooked up but of course, I found out a little bit too late so I could do nothing about it because there was no time. If someone had told me earlier then maybe I could have helped her and they would both still be alive but, it wasn't really my fault. I could do nothing. When I found out that Juliet really was dead, I spent nearly 2 weeks in tears. I had lost everything and then I thought about my beloved Susan and how, if she was still alive, even though I could do nothing, I thought about how her life would be with me. Would she still be happy? ...read more.


But im not sure. Juliet and Susan always got on. It was a shame that it didn't last but of course, it was I who suffered the greatest loss. But then it wasn't my fault that Susan died. I mean, if I was told that an Earthquake was going to strike then, of course, I would have taken her to a safer place. But what can you do. I mean im not physic. I believe that Juliet and Susan are up there (point up to sky) helping and watching me, making sure I have a better life than they did. I tried to give them the best childhood I possibly could but I couldn't really give them very much attention because I had duties to attend to. Juliet really was like my second daughter and I will miss her just as much, if not maybe more, than I did Susan. ...read more.

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