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The Odyssey Analysis

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Khan Salinder Book 7 Nausicaa reaches the house of her father, King Alcinous. Meanwhile, Minerva (in the form of a small girl holding a jug) takes Ulysses to the house of King Alcinous, but she covers Ulysses in a thick cloud of darkness so that the Phaecians wouldn't be able to see him on their way there. When they reached Alcinous' house, Ulysses entered the house and met the Queen, Arete. He then laid his hands upon the knees of the queen and prayed to her to help home to his own country. However, Queen Arete was confused because Ulysses was wearing clothes that she herself had made with her maids. When she asked Ulysses where he had gotten his clothes from, Ulysses answered that it would be a long story, but he told her anyway. ...read more.


When they got there, they sat side by side. Meanwhile, Minerva disguises herself as one of Alcinous' servants, and she goes up to each of the Phaecians, man by man, and asks them to go to the assembly. At the assembly, King Alcinous prepared a ship for Ulysses and then they all had a big feast with lots of music, sports and food. After the feast, Ulysses and King Alcinous went back to the King's house. There, Queen Arete was packing some things for Ulysses' trip home. Nausicaa was there too, and when she saw Ulysses, she said goodbye to him, and in return, he thanked her for saving him. It was because of Nausicaa that he was going home. ...read more.


Ulysses wanted to go and see what kind of people the Cyclops were so he took twelve of his best men with him and they went to go visit a Cyclops, who turned out to be Neptune's son. Unfortunately, the Cyclops had eaten some of Ulysses men. So Ulysses stabbed it in the eye and he and the rest of the men stole some of its food to share with the rest of the crew. As they were about to leave with their ship, the Cylcops prayed to his father, Neptune that Ulysses may never reach his home alive, or if he must, he would have to in another man's ship, whose house he would find trouble in, and Neptune heard his prayer. Neptune was very angry at Ulysses for blinding his son. At the end of the day, Ulysses and his comrades feasted on meat and drinks and then sailed on ... ...read more.

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