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The old man and the sea by Earnest Hemingway alternate ending 'What's that?' she asked a waiter and pointed to the long back bone of the great fish

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The old man and the sea by Earnest Hemingway alternate ending 'What's that?' she asked a waiter and pointed to the long back bone of the great fish that was now just garbage waiting to go out on the tide. 'Tiburon' the waiter said, 'Eshark.' He was meaning to explain what had happened. 'Santiago old man, desafortunado, pescados pasados quiz� pescados' the waiter floundered with his translation, 'hard catch, Tiburon he eats Marlin.' Her male companion spoke, 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?' he questioned her with an excited undercurrent, the flush rising up his cheeks Like the sunset on the ocean. 'It could be' she responded 'It really could be, go and get Norris; quick' her agitation was visible now 'he'll know' Her friend hurried off towards the white dunes, undulating across the end of the beach as though a school of dolphins were gathering in readiness to greet him. ...read more.


'Norris, Ross, look, what do you think?' She asked in a breathless voice, 'I started taking pictures just in case' 'Well done my dear' She was always the clever little girl, Norris said to his brother. They whipped out tape measures and started taking notes of their results. The excitement in the air was palatable. The small gasps and wordless explanations created an atmosphere like air bubbles rising and popping on the surface of a sponge cake mix. 'What's going on' asked Manolin, he had come down the beach to buy bait ready for his trip with Santiago in the morning. 'D�jelo' He demanded. The woman turned to him 'Is this your catch?' ...read more.


'What do mean special? Where do want to put it?' The McWhirter brother spoke in unison 'Why it's a record breaker! It's the biggest ever Marlin recorded, it's a world record' The woman took pity on manolin's confusion' it could make your friend rich' 'Well, well off, maybe I don't think rich' her male companion interrupted. 'He will be immortalized' she continued, pulling a face at her friend 'his triumph will be set as in stone' 'We will not wake him still' Manolin said 'but I will in a few more hours, this news will refresh him, as much as good news about Joe DiMaggio, he will be as revived as his lions make him!' ?? ?? ?? ?? D.Epathite 07/05/2007 1 ...read more.

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