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The opening action of the play takes place in a "public place" in Verona where two Capulet servants discuss what they would do

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Romeo and Juliet "Romeo and Juliet" was written in the mid 1590's and it was played over and over again for people in Shakespeare's time. The play was set in Verona, Italy, and this would likely be because the country had some scenes of severe conflicts at that time, which led to some of the territories to be divided into several pieces; this had some sort of connection to the dispute between the two families, the Capulets and the Montagues. Futhermore, Verona was also known for a romantic place, which immaculately fits in with the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare and Luhrmann, both engage their audience by different techniques and themes, however their ways they attract their audiences were different. Shakespeare mainly deals with language devices as this was the only entertainment at the time, and at that time Shakespere had some "limits" for example; he did not have any technology to use. The only way he drew audience's attention was by linguistic devices and techniques performed on stage such as the prologue. In general Baz Luhrmann was the opposite, he engaged his audience by modern technology, such as editing and using different soundtracks. He used these not only to engage his audience, but also to highlight what Shakespeare did. ...read more.


The best seats were in the lords' rooms, private galleries closest to the stage. Today, we have a lot of entertainment to choose from such as television and movies, now as the technology expands the audiances become harder to satisfy. Modern audiences, require many more visual and sound effects in order to be entertained unlike in the Elizabethan period. In the theatres today audiences are all seated in rows and everyone is equal, however there are gold classes and emperor seats which are a bit more expensive than the normal seats, but they still do not signify that you are higher in rank. Baz Luhrman had more of an advantage of technology than Shakespeare. Therefore, Shakespeare's stagecraft techniques, such as sound effects, special effects; lightings were not available which meant some of his ideas could not be fully expressed in this play due to these limiting factors. Due to this Shakespeare had to focus primarily on his speech's value. Whereas Luhrman has advanced equipment and technology, which also means he has more of an opportunity to engage greater levels of the audience's attention. Shakespeare, however had sounds to make the play sound intresting and romantic, as it had to represent the love between Romeo and Juliet, this was done by using different styles of music to represent the status or mood of the character. ...read more.


The Queen also did not have anyone to pass on because she was a virgin. Shakespeare has included the Prince in the scene, to show that people should realize what is going on, and if this continues, what will be the consequences. Shakespeare also foreshadows a war might happen, and actually did 50 years after - The Civil War. He uses words such as "beasts" which just shows that he thinks they are animal images. This is shown again when he says "Once more, on pain of death..." it shows that he is very concerned about maintaining the public peace at all cost even the death penalty, it also foreshadows that later in the story something similar might happen again. This scene in the movie is presented in a police station, which gives a sense of discipline. The prince in the play is also given a new type of character and role, however he still has the same status. The movie is made more realistic by not having a real Prince and instead a police chief with the same name. In conclusion, Baz Luhrmann's way to engage the audience was much better and more effective The scenes were made understandlable and appealing to the audiences, because Baz adopted the simple techniques very well. Whilst Shakespeare's techniques were very challenging and only for some high-level audience. ...read more.

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