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The opening scene of

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The opening scene in any film is important as it introduces the hero and other main characters. The idea is to catch the imagination of the audience and draw them into the film so they wish to watch all of it. There are lots of factors the director has to take into account when making the opening the scene these range from camera shots all the way through to sound. The opening scene of "Gladiator" is remarkable as it lasts twelve minutes most opening scenes only last from 4-8 minutes. By doing this Ridley Scott as set the task of keeping the audience interested and drawn in the movie, for an event that last twelve minutes long. He was able to do this by making us feel as if we the audience were part of the film and played on the emotions of an audience. ...read more.


The camera follows the hand as it moves though the corn a tracking shot. Then the establishing shot is focused on the hero as in comes out of his dream into reality. His costume and general appearance plays an important role in this shot as it helps the audience feel as if they are in the battle. On first appearance he has large amount of armour on and skin around his neck this is a metaphor he has a huge weight on his shoulders. This eight could be the upcoming battle as he has the lives of his men on his back. There is little noise at this point but you see him stand and about to walk away when a robin catches his eye. The background in which the robin is set is one of dismal, desolate and distraught landscape but something so beautiful can come back here maybe there is hope. ...read more.


When the Germans return the roman's peace message he has been beheaded and he rides back on a white horse, the white horse symbols peace and its rider is dead shows this battle is going to commence. The general then addresses his men and tell them "3 weeks from now I will harvesting my crops" the speech he does is to give them the urge to fight. Then drums roll starts this is non-digetic and the battle commences the roll speeds up and when the Calvary break into the rear of the Germans the music changes to even faster pace. Half way throughout the battle the camera filter is changed to red to indicate victory is coming blood is spilt, red was the roman colour of royalty. The music also slows down as does the speed of the battle and it is shown in slow motion. Ted Guest 14/9/03 ...read more.

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